Wheelchair stolen from disabled veteran


SACRAMENTO — Veteran Alvin Luke has dealt with physical pain for years, he says his legs are so bloated he can barely walk.

And Thursday, Luke got a major emotional blow. The electric wheelchair he desperately needs in order to get around was stolen.

“To do it to an honest, sincere, Godly-loving person … it really hurts. And I’ve never done nothing wrong to nobody,” Luke said.

Luke was visiting his friend just a few blocks from his south Sacramento home when he decided to charge his wheelchair outside. He went into his friends house for thirty minutes. When he came back outside, his chair was gone.

He says he can’t walk far, and needs the wheelchair to go even a block.

“I got a heart murmur, and I got an enlarged heart, I got psoriasis of the liver with cancers growing on it,” he said.

Luke also has swollen legs. Every step he takes is excruciatingly painful.

He says it breaks his heart to have served for his county, only to have the things he needs the most taken away from him.

“I’m used to being in an Air Force Base and you can leave everything unlocked and nothing is ripped off,” said Luke.

He says his wheelchair costs roughly $6,000 and there’s no way he could ever replace it by himself.

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  • Duh

    This is sad ….but since he called the news station he dont have to worry cause people will raise money and buy him a new even better wheelchair.

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