Man accused of breaking into NC church, throwing hammer at pastor

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Mark Wayne Cannon

GREENVILLE, N.C. — A man is accused of breaking into a North Carolina church and throwing a hammer at the pastor.

WCTI12 reported that 53-year-old Mark Wayne Cannon broke into the Sylvia Chapel Church in Greenville around 8 p.m. Thursday, threw a hammer at the pastor and ran off.

Officials said the pastor caught the suspect in the act. The pastor was not hurt. A motive for the incident has not been released.

The suspect was arrested at his home a few blocks away from the church by a K-9 officer patrolling the area, according to authorities.

Police said the suspect faces charges of breaking and entering a place of worship and assault with a deadly weapon.

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  • jliles1205

    Let’s see.. pastor catches him in the church with a hammer, he throws the hammer and bolts- I think we can rule out arson and parking violation… maybe 1st degree burglary?
    (sarcasm font off)

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