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Grandma sentenced after toddler drinks ‘meth tea’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Cynthia Ann Watson

IDYLLWILD, Calif. — A woman whose 2-year-old granddaughter drank methamphetamine-laced tea has pleaded guilty to child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance.

According to the Riverside Press-Enterprise, Cynthia Ann Watson, 51, was sentenced to 60 days in custody, including 43 in a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department work-release program, and four years probation.

Police say Watson was visiting her family on June 29,  when she prepared the tea and added meth to get high.

Her granddaughter reportedly drank the tea when Watson left it unattended.

That night, the toddler could not sleep and was talking fast, scratching her skin and appeared agitated. She later tested positive for meth at a hospital.The girl is expected to make a full recovery.

Source: Riverside Press-Enterprise


  • Misty

    This low life and her bad choices could have killed her granddaughter, yet only gets 60 days and probation?! What a joke.

  • Iama Retiree

    My Goodness …….. ……… If it is not “FAITHC” – Ain’t she a real “beaut” ?

  • Bill W

    Iama Retiree – Wow you must have it bad for FaithC. You are like a grade school kid always trying to get her attention by posting cr-ap about her. Don’t you have any real people to talk to? Give it a rest and get out more.

    • Iama Retiree

      @ BILL W – Thanks for your most insightful remarks – I do get out (each day as a matter of fact) BTW, if you don’t like my comments, you are certainly free to move right on past them … I don’t seem to be the only one making remarks about FAITHC – Must be you and your fake name trying to do some damage control ! What ya think ?

      • JDS

        Wait… so, if you dont like FAITHCs comments, arent you also certainly free to move right on on past them? What ya think ?

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