Missing NC woman accused of faking own drowning to avoid court appearance

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Amy Arrington

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A missing Gastonia woman is being accused of faking her own drowning to avoid a court appearance.

Officials say Amy Lynette Arrington did not drown in the ocean at Myrtle Beach, but instead conspired with her husband, Paul David Arrington, for her to disappear to avoid having to show up in court in Charlotte to answer to charges filed against her.

Charges for filing a false police report are pending in North Myrtle Beach against Paul Arrington.

Police did not say if Amy Arrington has been located, or where she is located.  Earlier this week, Mecklenburg County court officials issued a warrant for her arrest after she failed to appear in court Monday.

The woman has also been known as Amy Robinson, Amy Goebel and Amy Sutton, according to court records. Her history of fraud goes back 10 years in Mecklenburg County, WSOC reports.

Prison records show she went to prison in February 2006 on fraud charges and was released at the end of 2008.

She’s charged now with using another woman’s account information to make payments of hundreds and even thousands of dollars to buy things on Amazon, pay a cable bill and pay a bank bill of almost $7,500.

She was scheduled to go to trial in May, but got a note from the hospital in Gastonia saying she was in the emergency department.

Source: WSOC


  • bds

    I can only imagine the grief and hassle this person and her husband have caused so many. I hope she is found soon. What a trick.

  • Fay

    So when they find her,,,not if,,,,will she have to answer for the time and man hours put into searching for her,,her and her husband should have to pay,,

  • looky

    In the world of this type of crime their level is really chump change ! She has all ready proven they are only good at getting caught !

  • Anonymous

    I kinda had a feeling this was made up as soon as I read she was due in court a couple days later! Now her husband is facing charges. Two idiots, she only made things worse she’s added failure to appear, and scamming the police dept to her long list of problems!

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