Keith Crisco’s toxicology report released

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Keith Crisco

ASHEBORO, N.C. — A toxicology report released Tuesday revealed that there were no drugs or alcohol in Keith Crisco’s blood at the time of his death.

Crisco, who was battling Clay Aiken for the Democratic nomination in the 2nd Congressional District, died at his home in Asheboro on May 12.

Officials say Crisco apparently slipped on a rug outside his home and fell backwards, hitting his head on brick pavers. He died instantly.

Crisco was running for the Democratic nomination in the Second Congressional District but trailed Clay Aiken.

Aiken is now running against the Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers.

Source: WTVD


  • Mary Johnson

    There have been all kinds of rumors floating around the community . . . heart attack, stroke, head-injury-after-a-fall . . . about Mr. Crisco’s cause of death. Knowing this case went to the Medical Examiner’s Office (because of the circumstances), I asked the state ME’s office for a post-mortem report (a standard public records request) – understanding it would take 6-8 weeks. Yesterday, I only got a toxicology report. There was some mention of the reception of already-embalmed organ specimens, but no report of an actual exam to determine the cause of death. I thought it quite odd. Given the widely-reported sad/sorry state of North Carolina’s Medical Examiner services, and Mr. Crisco’s status as a public figure, perhaps Fox 8 could contact the state ME’s office and clarify the report?

  • sinner 3

    Maybe some one pulled the rug out from under him, REALLY ? How many times have you tripped going backwards in your life ? Think for yourself people !

    • Mary Johnson

      The toxicology report I got was not clear (at least to me) on whether or not the body had been embalmed before the blood sample was drawn. This would affect the toxicology results. There was also no mention of autopsy findings. I am now wondering if a post-mortem exam was even conducted.

  • Carole H

    For what reason would you want the ME’s report? Right from the start, the accident which caused Mr. Crisco’s unfortunate demise was made public. I think it is pretty obvious that a backward fall with your head hitting brick pavers would be enough to kill anyone and I’m sure Mr. Crisco sustained a massive brain injury causing immediate death. Have you no respect? Whether or not it is a matter of public record is immaterial as far as I am concerned. It is just being nosey to me. RIP Mr. Crisco.

    • Mary Johnson

      And here we go. Nice try, Carole. It has NOTHING to do with “respect” or “resting in peace” (it’s no secret to anyone that I was not one of Mr. Crisco’s fans) – and everything to do with how things are supposed to be done in circumstances such as these – whether YOU think it’s “immaterial” or not.. Mr. Crisco was a public figure (you cannot say he did not actively court the spotlight), and he died under what many consider suspicious circumstances. Moreover, we are talking about Asheboro – where what the “obvious” more-often-than-not isn’t. There was a lot of speculation about what actually happened vs. what was reported in the media (I would suppose one of the reasons for getting a toxicology report in the first place). For the last several months, newspaper headlines have been full of stories about the general incompetency of the NC Medical Examiner’s office – irreparably affecting people’s lives, If there was no autopsy in this high-profile case, it only underscores what lesser beings can expect. But hey, if it works for you to call me/others “nosey”, have at it.


    Well….wasn’t he drinking pretty hard the night of the election and was a bit “stiff” when he left the Lumina Wine Bar in Asheboro…? Maybe the thought of him losing to a…well, you know what I mean…was a bit much and he kept up the drinking and…well…like they said, he could’ve tripped on the rug and hit those pavers….


        Is bigotry sorta like drinkin’ and fallin’ and hittin’ yore head?….ya’ll out of state folks sure so smart…..

  • Carole H

    Mary, I am not even in NC and feel it is pathetic that anyone other than family should even want this information. Perhaps a full autopsy was unnecessary as the injuries sustained by the late Mr. Crisco were apparent to the medical examiner. This was reported online within an hour or two after it happened. Why the need for speculation? Why can’t people just accept some things as fact and not question every detail? Personally I do believe it has a lot to do with respect. Thank God I’ve never hit my head on cement or stone in my many falls or I might not be around to question your and other’s nosiness. These things happen and the majority of people accept them as part of life. Is foul play suspected? If not, leave it to those in charge. This is just plain sad.

    • Mary Johnson

      Again with the personal attacks – from someone without the guts to sign her last name. You’re not even in NC – much less Asheboro – which pretty much says it all. In stark contrast, I grew up here and know the score. Mr. Crisco, being one of the people “in charge”, helped teach me that score. And that’s the reason I don’t accept local media reports at face value . . . and tend to question those pesky details – the answers to which a simple/COMPLETE ME’s report would provide. But the rules did not apply to Keith Crisco/his very important friends in life – and now apparently, they don’t apply in death.

      • concerned citizen

        Dr. Johnson, I have scanned your blog a few times over the years. Negative comments seem to be your specialty, and I hope you will consider putting an end to it. The term “rest in peace” comes to mind here. I knew Mr. Crisco very well. And let’s just say that I knew you were not “a fan” of his before I read your statement that says so on this string of comments. You are very wrong about Mr. Crisco. He was a man that loved to see others succeed, while you only break people down. My only wish for you is that you learn to put your talents to use for the good of people around you. With people gone like Mr. Crisco, there is certainly room for it. I think it is only appropriate that you step aside concerning Mr. Crisco’s death. It would be very easy for one to suggest that your motives here are inappropriate and I see no reason for you to be so curious about this situation.

    • Tberryjack

      Dear Carole H, sometimes in this great big world when there’s a public figure in the process of doing something important, things happen like that dreaded M-word. It may not mean anything in your little ole world but sometimes it happens in the grownup world, I’m sad to say. No one is saying that anyone did anything to the man for sure, BUT usually when an accident happens that takes a life, especially to a public figure and takes their life the ME’s do a complete rundown of what injuries were sustained and which one actually did the person in. You know, kinda to let people know that the fall backwards wasn’t caused by a push from the front by someone that may have caused the a fore mentioned fall and a crack to the noggin. I hope this helped you understand why some people are, shall we say,,, concerned.. Have you ever watched Perry Mason, Hawaii 5 OOOH La La or one of those De-Tective shows or even Judge Wapner?

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