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Berger accuses Walker of lying about education on Facebook; Walker claims account was ‘hacked’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Mark Walker, Republican candidate for U.S. Representative of North Carolina's 6th Congressional District, held a news conference on Wednesday where he discussed an "ugly" race involving his opponent Phil Berger Jr. and claimed his Facebook account was hacked.

On Tuesday, Phil Berger Jr., released a statement questioning a "pattern of lies" involving Walker. In the statement, Berger questioned whether Walker was "misrepresenting his education."

"Mark Walker’s social media profile clearly states that he’s an alumnus of the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG). Yet, a records search of Walker attending, enrolling or graduating from the University could not be found," Berger said in the news release.

CaptureffsfAs of Wednesday morning, under the "About" section on Walker's Facebook profile, Walker indicated he "studied at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro."

"An attempt to verify with the National Student Clearinghouse that Walker attended or graduated from UNCG failed to locate an enrollment record or degree," Berger said in the news release.

Berger said even if Walker took one class at UNCG, his "intent" was to make voters believe he graduated from the school.

During a press conference at the Guilford County Republican Party headquarters on Wednesday, Walker said someone "hacked" his Facebook profile in the last 24 hours and added UNCG as his school. Walker did not directly point the finger at Berger, however he suggested it was a political act.

“I have no idea who posted that,” Walker said. “I’ve never put that on my resume or background.”

Walker claims the "hack" was intended to portray him as a liar and was a sign of desperation from the Berger campaign.

“It’s sublimely ridiculous,” Walker said.

Walker also accused Berger of taking money from Super PACs and plans to file a complaint with the election commission.

“It is clear that Phil Berger Sr. has leveraged his position and influence to steer political contributions to the Super PAC supporting his son. This is likely a violation of state or federal law,” Walker said.

"This has been the ugliest, most divisive, cowardly campaign I have seen," Rep. John Blust said on Wednesday.

The accusations come as the runoff campaign enters its last week. Voters will decide the race next Tuesday.


  • Stephen

    I don’t personally know Phil Berger. I do know Mark Walker and will vouch for his character and brilliance. I have seen Phil Berger’s mailed ads where he spent a small fortune to use full page color pages to accuse Mark Walker of wasting money. I have also witnessed some other shady acts by Berger.

  • Thomas Noell

    As a lifelong conservative, having worked in Republican politics in Rockingham County for much of the last three decades, I will not vote for or support Phil Berger, Jr. in any way in the November 2014 election if he wins the primary. I am really disgusted at the level of dirty politics from the Berger campaign that I have never before witnessed in a GOP primary. This is why members of Congress have an approval rating in single digits at the moment.

    • Chucky

      Same here. They are no really good choices. The candidates are so hell bent on making each other look bad that they make everyone look bad including themselves. The ads and mail is worthless to me because I see it as propaganda.

      • Thomas Noell

        Yep, I received countless mailings from the Berger campaign and its supporters, mostly from the PAC “Keeping Conservatives United” (pardon the oxymoron, LOL). Every one of them attacked Walker, whether it was over Walker’s involvement with the coliseum commission to other assaults on his character. I’m just glad that Walker took the high road and did not stoop to the opposition’s level when Walker could have made a bigger issue of the allegations against District Attorney Berger that made the news in the last year for some highly questionable tactics as prosecutor, but chose not to. We can expect the Democratic candidate to not be so easy on Berger when those allegations of “bugging the courtroom” will surely become a major political issue in the coming months.

  • Bob Blasingame

    So Mark Walker has a press conference where he reveals that the Berger family have in all likelihood majorly violated campaign laws and Fox 8 leads with Walker’s Facebook page may not be accurate about where he went to college. This is really pathetic (biased) reporting and writing. If you want to change things in Washington you can’t keep sending the same crony politicians to represent you. If you want a man of integrity, honor and character you have to vote for Mark Walker.

  • Joanne Wittenborn

    I was there today at Mark Walker’s press conference. I find it very interesting that the reporter of the article emphasizes the UNCG situation which is false! The real news identified this morning was the diversion of $75,000 from a fund whose purpose is to provide funds to elect Republicans this Nov. in the General Assembly. Mark Walker filed a campaign law violation with the appropriate state and federal authorities. That is the news of the day! The President Pro Tempore apparently diverting funds for his son’s campaign is at a minimum unethical and probably illegal. How the reporter missed that important message is hard to believe! . Why did the reporter quote Representative John Blust as saying this has been the most divisive campaign but did not mention that John Blust’s accusation was pointed to the Berger Jr. campaign? Also, why did the reporter not report that Representative John Blust, displaying great courage, heartedly endorsed Mark Walker for Congress. I always find what was not said – the most interesting. It really reveals the bias of the reporter and the organization he/she works for or the pressure that has been applied to them.

  • Brandon

    LOL! Walker claims his account was hacked?! What about all those selfies with Coble he passed off as endorsements?! Such a man of integrity as his supporters claim.

    • Stephen

      Soooo Brandon…Let’s try to be reasonably intelligent here…..So you are running for a major Congressional position. Even though you have plenty of other educational credentials, you decide that you want to lie about where you went to school. Sooooo…even though you could choose Duke, NCSU, Elon University, UNC-Chapel Hill, or Wake Forest, you decide to put UNCG as the school in order to make you look so wonderful…..LOL! Really? If you believe that, then maybe you went to UNC-Greensboro. Myself, I graduated from the University of Maryland with honors. I’m smart enough not to fall for Berger’s unethical games. Believe what you want, but it surely demonstrates your intelligence, or lack thereof.

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