Eight people, including six children, killed in Florida domestic shooting

Obama called N-word in headline

NEW YORK — An op-ed in a New York newspaper has a lot of people talking because of the headline.

The writer, James Lincoln Collier, used the N-word to describe President Barack Obama in the headline of a story in the WestView News.

In an interview with CNN, he defended his article and his political position.

Collier said he is a supporter of Obama and he used the word to make a point. He said he wanted to bring attention to the fact that many Americans are angry because there is a black president.

“That was the whole point of this, is that a great many people in the United States continue to think of President Obama as ‘the n*****,'” Collier told CNN. “I wanted to make that point that there is a substantial amount of racism still existing in the United States, and that is how I expressed it in order to get that point across as strongly as I could.”

Alvin Hall, a WestView News columnist, ran an article titled “The Headline Offends Me” on the same page as Collier’s article.

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