Credit counselor offers advice for those with bad credit

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- So you have bad credit... Now what?

Certified Credit Counselor Sarah Hutchinson visited FOX8 on Tuesday to provide tips for what to do if you have bad credit.

For more information about Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greensboro, call 336-373-8882.

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  • Basictech

    I think the credit score system is a scam. I have had companies mare my credit score for debts I did not owe. They can ding your credit without verified proof that you actually owe the debt. There are also many other factors such as not paying an insurance premium. If I drop the policy, I do not owe them. Cell phone companies and thier contracts, you have to pay them in order to NOT use their service. The credit system as it is today is nothing but legalized extortion.

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