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‘Badass Breastfeeder’ nurses 3-year-old in public, aims to promote breastfeeding awareness

Breastfeeding in public, when to stop nursing your child and attachment parenting are all three topics that get people talking.

Abby Theuring, better known as the “Badass Breastfeeder,” spoke to WGN about breastfeeding. Theuring nurses her 3-week-old son and her 3-year-old son in public.

Theuring’s message is about promoting nursing in public.

“I’ve heard that I should have weaned Jack before Exley came along. I have heard that I am raising a spoiled brat by breastfeeding my toddler. I have heard that it’s disgusting, that he’s too old, that he’ll have psychological problems. I’ve heard that I’m doing it for my own needs and not his.”

Editor’s note: The video contains language and images that might not be suitable for all ages.

Read more of what Abby has to say on her Facebook page and website.


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