Yankees fan shown sleeping on TV suing ESPN for $10 million

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NEW YORK — A sleepy New York Yankees fan is suing ESPN, saying that he was mocked by announcers on air, according to the New York Post.

Andrew Rector filed a $10 million defamation suit against the sports network and commentators Dan Shulman and John Kruk on July 3. Rector claims the two unleashed an “avalanche of disparaging words” over his nationally televised nap.

Rector was filmed sleeping during the April 13 game between the Yankees and Boston Red Sox. His lawsuit claims that as a result of him being shown asleep on TV, he “suffered substantial injury” to his “character and reputation,” as well as “mental anguish, loss of future income and loss of earning capacity.”

Both ESPN and the Yankees declined to comment on the lawsuit.


  • stinger90

    With everything going on and the people we have in office to the top doesn’t surprise me anymore. Will fox 8 delete my post again for speaking the truth. Your no spin zone is becoming a Communist zone like the rest of them. We are falling apart in so many ways. We are the land of milking the money for being a lousy country. May Allah be with you :(

  • Hobbes

    When I saw that clip on espn I did think they crossed a line. However, you go to a public venue, you take your chances. ESPN should offer the guy $1000 for “good will” and call it a day. But his lawyers would probably beat it into an admission of guilt.

    • Rick

      Crossed the line? How? By talking about a guy sleeping during the game that they are supposed to talk through? Yeah, shame on them for doing their jobs and keeping us lightly entertained.

      There is absolutely no reason to give this guy a dime. When you buy a ticket to a major league game, you are agreeing to the possibility of being televised during the game, a literal buy-in if you will, to the national syndication of the event. He certainly has a right to his feelings, emotions, etc., and he has every right to pursue legal action but $10 million is nowhere close to being an accurate settlement for someone who actually was defamed. This, if anything, is simply someone who feels sorely about their poor appearance on national television and wants to gain something from having been caught appearing as such.

      And lastly, I’m pretty sure ESPN’s and/or the Yankees’ respective legal councils are prepared for this type of thing, dealing with many similar suits on a regular basis, which is why these huge (understatement?) groups employ lawyers in the first place. There will be no beating into submission.

  • Jordan

    Haha, doesn’t suprise me! Everything is a law suit these days! Just another way for someone to get money without earning it, nor working for it. People look at this like easy money! We have to walk on egg shells or it will become a law suit. If you don’t want to be on public television, sleeping, standing, sitting, watching, don’t attend public affairs!

  • JB4375

    Right…. if he wants to know what being made fun of feels like he should try falling asleep around his friends at a party. Grow up!!


    They could have said one or two jokes but they didn’t let up , So YES they crossed the line.No one should judge him or call him names as he may have had to work OT but had tickets to game but was so tired that he wouldn’t think he would fall asleep with all the noise but he did . WHO KNOWS ! ESPN . . . . YOU CROSSED THE LINE , I FEEL !

  • The Mumster

    Is this the first fan at a game to be caught on camera and been joked about? I hardly think so. You go to a game, it’s televised, you do something more interesting than what the players are doing…you’re free game. This is just plain stupid.

  • Tim

    If this law suit goes through it’s just gonna open the flood gates to more like it. What has America become but a place to seek an easy meal ticket. Smdh!

  • Joanne

    Bo, you don’t know diddley about why the guy was sleeping. He may have a late night job, therefore, game time would be his normal sleep time, or a new baby who is keeping him up nights, in fact, he may be caring for elderly parents as well as working and caring for his own family. The suit may be frivolous, but the point is, you don’t know. Don’t be ugly. There’s already enough ugliness in the world. Just saying.

    • Chucky

      I have to agree with you Joanne. Why do some people have to be so juvenile and feel it necessary to do a bunch of name calling? Personally, I think the announcers said a little too much about the guy but then that is kind of a common thing at games. In fact, when I looked up “sleeping fan ball game” on youtube, there were several results where people were sleeping at games and commentators pointed it out.

    • Karl Hubrath

      Joanne, who cares why, how come and what for. It is not a big deal to have fun with it. I can almost assure you if he wanted people to know the how come and what for they may give him that opportunity. I bet that is not a part of this lawsuit, MONEY. Anybody can be offended by anything really. I hope he gets NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought that you would like to know that, See when you talk about ugly it kind of leaves out, rather to me to not have ugly is to be able to laugh at yourself and not take things so personal, what about that? I bet if this guy still plays his card right he could really milk the attention at that park with this and really have fun with it too, Just saying back at you. God bless.

  • Sleep deprived

    I would bet this man has Sleep Apnea or less likely Narcolepsy. Both are serious medical conditions. He needs to see a physician. I agree the commentators went a little far. If I were deciding the case, I would want to know if they went back to him later in the game with more comments.

  • Nancy

    anybody can sue for anything….doesn’t mean you can win. He paid for the ticket so he can do what he wants….sleep or watch the game. I personally doubt that those few moments ruined his life.

  • Sispossum

    Why in the world would this cause him so much mental anguish he can’t work? Just looking for a free ride.

  • Katie k

    How did he lose his capacity to earn income?!? His friend was lightly mocked for eating the chicken tenders before he woke up. Why doesn’t he try to sue too?!? (lol).

  • julie ma

    What a complete complete idiot! If anything he’s ruining his own reputation from doing this!!!!! I say again……. IDIOT!!!!!!!

  • Karl Hubrath

    Well people I would like to say that I never seen this until now. To me by suing, he really brought a whole lot more attention to the sleep scene. I would like to ask why is it a big deal that someone wanted to film him falling asleep in the first place. If I were him and was embarrassed drawing more attention to the problem is not the way to go. Please I hope he loses, please do not encourage fibulas law suites, God bless.

  • Naomi chavez

    there shouldn’t have been any remarks about the man,they invaded his pivacy.it was his business if he wanted to sleep or not,they degraded that man,and his friend beside him.they didn’t have to show him,at all,he could’ve been sick,or exhausted.

  • Mark Stabler

    Baseball is such a fast moving and exciting game to watch I can’t see how anybody could fall asleep. Since they added video review of contested calls it sure has sped the game up. I get so excited watching Baseball I can’t even take time to get a snack. Sort of reminds me of watching grass grow.

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