Outstanding Heritage House utility bills could shut building down

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The rush could soon be on to vacate the Heritage House just a few weeks after a building-wide inspection that turned up more than 800 code violations.

Residents looking to leave the building and find new housing are being told by the Greensboro Housing Commission that units may lose power by July 17 due to an outstanding power bill.

Another concern is water in the building. The City of Greensboro has posted notices making residents aware of a July 30 deadline for the unit's Housing Authority.

Cutting off either the power or the water would deem the 177-unit building unlivable.

"People would have to move out within 48 hours of when utilities are shut down," said Beth McKee-Hugher with the Greensboro Housing Commission.

Lenia Hames said she was not aware of the power situation until she reached out to the housing assistance nonprofit.

"If we don't read the news articles or go to the housing coalition we don't find out anything," said Hames.

Hames went to the Housing Commission after seeing the water bill notice posted. She's frustrated that there's not more help for those looking to leave.

"I have three children I take care of alone and I work," said Hames.

She said her biggest obstacle to leaving the building is not having enough money for the deposit on a new rental.

McKee-Hugher said about 15 families have called them for help. They do a needs assessment for each family and help give them contact information for as many places as they can.

McKee-Hugher said there's still time to work out issues with utilities but said in many cases like this the water and power would have been shut off long ago.

"We've been concerned about Heritage House for a long time and we'd been hoping the homeowners association would be able to get things worked out for the building to stay open," said McKee-Hugher.


  • Iama Retiree

    Boo Hoo to Jennifer who “claims” to own 5 units in that hole of horrors —– Maybe if the association paid the water and light bill plus took better care of the building, it would not come to this. To satisfy your greed for money, you allowed anything and everything to come into that building — Close it up — the sooner the better ….

    • FaithC

      IAMA Retiree..do you have anything else to do besides sitting in front of your PC in your under wear commenting on stories?

      • Iama Retiree

        Really don’t think that is any of your business ….. Appears you are on here a lot more than anyone else ! My few puny remarks do not begin to outweigh yours —– get a life “Queenie” !

  • SherryB

    Why has the City Of Greensboro allowed the water bill to remain unpaid until it has reached this huge amount in the first place?.Sure wouldn’t happen to a regular customer, we would be left with no water after the next billing cycle..Same for the power..The tenants of Heritage House are the very ones who have torn it up and allowed the roaches, rats and bedbugs in infest the place, the owners of the property didn’t put out and leave piles of trash in the halls, they didn’t smoke and leave butts on the carpet, they didn’t let their drug dealing friends move in and take over..That’s all on the tenants..And when they are forced to move to yet another place it will happen all over again..Trash attracts more trash and the cycle continues, they never take care of anything they are renting…

    • Chucky

      The City of Greensboro doesn’t have anything to do with the power bill. The owners are supposed to pay it to the utility company, probably Duke Energy. I wish they would pay there power bill, I’d be looking for them to pay mine so i could quit paying it.

      • SherryB

        I said City of Greensboro WATER BILL, not power…The water is collected in the rent by the Homeowners Assoc. but they haven’t paid the water bill..I believe the tenants are responsible for the Duke Energy bill themselves but at a reduced rate or by voucher..Either way it should not have been allowed to get such a high amount before threatening to cut off the water, the rest of us would have been dry the 2nd month..

  • Ty Raid @WM2793

    Who lives like this?
    Another nanny state debacle , without ownership there is no appreciation for property.
    I hope they shut the place down , it’s an eyesore

    • Iama Retiree

      But wait —— “Jennifer” who comments on here “supposedly” owns 5 units in this hell hole and was whining the other day about how she would be compensated if it were shut down — I say, tuff itsa said they kitty when the milk dried up.
      I agree, however, instead of shutting it down, ……. tear it down …… good riddance !!!!!

  • Jersey

    Tear this dump down…trash everywhere and that includes the tenants. If they are not willing to take care of themselves, how do you think they will take care of where they live? The people here are the low of the low and most can work, but just enjoy living off the tax payers and support Obama to get more freebies. I would bet more than 10K a month in government assistance is given to these tenants, but yet they are not willing to clean up after themselves and support themselves. The tenants who do try stay locked up in their place because of the fear that someone will try to rob them or steal from them right away. Tear it down and start over somewhere else…I heard Flordia street has a few vacancies…lol

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