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Medical examiner identifies remains as Bianca Tanner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The remains discovered Thursday morning were identified as Bianca Tanner, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Tanner was reported missing on June 8.

The medical examiner confirmed Monday that the body investigators found in the woods off Westinghouse Boulevard was Tanner's,  WSOC reports.

Police said Thursday afternoon Tanner's boyfriend, Angelo Smith, confessed after the remains were found.

Detectives say the remains were found about 16 miles from Smith’s apartment. Sources said one of Smith’s fraternity brothers led officials to Tanner’s body.

“A person in that situation could be charged as a potential co-conspirator in the murder, if not, as an accessory after the fact,” said attorney James Wyatt.

Wyatt said that may depend on whether the witness had a deal with police when he gave that information.

At this point, police sources said they don't foresee any charges against the man, but it may not be entirely up to them.


  • Thetruth

    So sad my Thoughts and Prayers to this Beautiful woman’s little Boy and her Family. also Prayers to her Boyfriends Family as well. i know they didn’t raise him to be the Animal that he became. he will have years to think about what he did. RIP Bianca !!

    • Ty Raid @WM2793

      I feel sorry for the girl , but mostly I feel sorry for the little boy , he had no choice in the situation.
      Feeling sorry for the family of the thug is out the question for me.
      I believe there is a level of accountability that they should assume.

      • Joseph

        This is a 30 year-old man, there is no accountability for his family; he acted on his own accord. Many families see a loved one doing things, of which, the may not necessarily approve, however the majority have no recourse, until something like this occurs, especially with regards to adults, who are no longer under their control.

    • Cops_think_they_are_above_the_law

      Really Anom? the only victim is the child? what about Bianca? she was the victim, you think she asked to be murdered? People like you make me sick, Go play In hidden valley in Charlotte, maybe they will show you what a victim really is.

      • anom

        She made bad choices and unfortunately she paid for them. I’m certainly glad he didnt chose to take the child too!

      • Unknown

        I think I understand what Anom means..S/he meaning as the child is the only victim because the mother should’ve left that man at the beginning instead of staying in the abuse. And cops I understand your point too. The mother and son are both victims but that child is the biggest victim and my reason for saying that is cause he saw his mother get abused then he loses his mom. This is why I try to tell so many women don’t stick around in an abusive relationship…leave, don’t wait around thinking he’s gonna change. She took his abuse and unfortunately it costed her her life. Please don’t twist it I’m saying the little boy is the biggest victim NOT the only victim. So sad another life have ended by a coward…2 victims 1 coward lifetime of grief for family and friends.

  • sinner 3

    Hope the poor mama did not have to make the I.D. after all that time in the Heat and the woods !!

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