Hearing underway over NC’s Voter ID law

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A federal hearing is underway in Winston-Salem today over the state’s controversial Voter ID law

U.S. District Judge Thomas D. Schroeder is hearing arguments on whether to block many of the state’s voting law provisions from taking effect during the Nov. 4 general election in a case that’s being closely watched across North Carolina and throughout the country.

The NAACP is planning a rally at Corpening Plaza starting at 5:30 p.m., calling it the first Moral March to the Polls, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. 

The Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP, was among the first at the court house this morning.

FOX8’s Michael Hennessey is covering the decision in Winston-Salem where the judge is expected to decide this week whether or not to delay part of the law.


  • Curious

    You need an ID to buy cold medicine or tobacco. Why not to vote? The only people it would deter from voting would be people who are not citizens or wish to vote multiple times or to vote under an assumed name.

      • Jerry Tucker

        Mr. Perfect, there are documented cases where individuals voted in the past elections four, five, six, or even more times in different counties. Voter fraud affects us all and there have been successful prosecutions of this crime. And there are a lot of pending cases. Voter ID has nothing to do with race, in fact, it makes sure voting is legal as well as conducted in accordance to the law. The only ones who oppose it are the ones who have no respect for the law to begin with.

  • Shane

    I have to give my drivers license and sign a form to buy Allegra-D but they don’t want you to have to show an I.D. to vote? That makes no sense to me. I will gladly show my I.D. to vote, it doesn’t bother me at all to do it.

  • Doc Bennett

    And the new buzz word is ” disenfranchise “. First it was the state was trying to stop voting by requiring ID. Then the state said OK, we will give you FREE ID. Then the new buzz word came out and the press printing stories from the 50s and 60s about voter suppression. Those having nothing to do this law.
    I am sure this group had meetings about which word to use to get the press to jump on and which word would confuse the ill informed.
    So their biggest complaint now is the requirement will make people NOT want to vote. MLK got people to vote after being shot at, having crosses burned in their yard, churches blown up and so much more. Now this reverend allows his people to become disenfranchised by photo ID. Where have we come?……backward!

  • Thetruth

    Seems like as messed up as this world is this loud mouth Rev. William Barber would have better things to do to help his people.than this showing your ID thing. get a life Barber go do some Preaching!!

    • Chucky

      As long as the press listens to him and his people are under the impression that he can make a difference and is standing up for them, he can rake in the money and continue to hold positions with “power”. it is all about the hype and appearance. Had he really wanted to make a difference at some point, he would have run for office… God forbid.

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