Fayetteville man shot, killed after giving ride to stranger

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A 21-year-old passenger was shot and killed after a man he was riding with stopped to give a ride to a stranger in Fayetteville.

Police say the two men stopped for the stranger around 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

The stranger tried to rob the two men in the car, which resulted in a shooting. The passenger, Daniel Cortez Morrison, of Fayetteville was shot and died later at the hospital.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information concerning the homicide investigation is asked to contact Detective M. Hardin at 910-391-2529 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-TIPS (8477).

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  • FaithC

    So sorry this young man is dead. Condolences to the family. With that said, what the hell is wrong with people? Never, never pick up someone your don’t know and give them ride. I am sure a lot of people would just be grateful for the ride but there are always the ones who will do just what happened. There is no way of knowing who will and who won’t.

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