Video apparently shows teens attacking, robbing NC ice cream man

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A video posted online allegedly shows three teenagers attacking an ice cream man standing next to his cart in Charlotte. 

WSOC-TV reported a girl opens an ice cream cart in the beginning of the video.  The ice cream man closes it and soon the girl and other young people begin hitting the man over and over.

“It seems like he’s not trying to fight back initially, like he just wants to be left alone, and that’s the thing — you can’t even be left alone,” said Manuel Fuentes.

He contacted WSOC about the video and said the young people should be arrested. It remains uncertain who shot the video.

“It’s just not right because the man didn’t do anything,” he said.

Eyewitness News reached out to police Friday morning about the incident.

Within eight hours, they arrested one of the teenagers they believe was in the video — Daishaun Tyrone Burney.  They charged him with common law robbery.

Officers said they were searching for two more people.

Some in the Hispanic community said crime victims who are undocumented sometimes don’t report the crimes because they fear deportation.

Police said they don’t ask about citizenship when investigating, so they encourage any victim to come forward quickly.


  • Steve

    When will we be able to be rid of these thugs? I’m tired of looking at the news and seeing something like this every single day! Beat these kids and if that doesn’t work beat their parents!

  • Dick Tracy

    How sad that so many suffered in the past, fought so hard for rights and equality and once attained, new generations come along with no other point in life than to harass, fight, steal and commit violent crimes. This is what many are taught from birth and the responsibility falls directly on the parents. If this is what they want to breed, then all I can say is please take more of my tax money to build more prisons and get rid of parole. On top of that, I recommend that any person who has committed a crime or been on parole during the last 10 years be disqualified for any type of government aid, housing, and food stamps.

    To these teens in the above video, I’d be very happy to see them in prison for the next 5 years. Remember, every time we send a thug to prison, crime goes down just a little bit. Wash, Rinse, Repeat….

    • pattym

      I totally agree with you Dick Tracy. If they can act so badass and low life then they can work a job to get whatever they want and leave honest, hardworking folks alone. I seem to notice however these thugs wear name brand tennis shoes and carry nice cell phones and tablets too.

  • truth-hurts

    If the government would just give these poor people more free stuff and money they would not have to rob and steal for their ice cream and drug money.

  • Stephen

    This is what the Trayvon Martin supporters want. They want to be able to attack you and have you scared to fight back. I for one, am not intimidated and have a special gift for anyone who does this to me. I’ll guarantee that none of these 3 will ever be able to eat ice cream again!

    • man whatever

      blah blah would sit at your computer and type just like your doing now…And on a side note, ALL black people are not these fools. You people have your meth headed white folks also so don’t act like you are so perfect..

    • man whatever

      Oh and another side note, Trayvon didn’t attack anybody, HE was attacked, fought back and was murdered. Know your fact before you shows how smart you REALLY are.

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