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Teenage girl recovering in hospital after hit-and-run in Whitsett

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WHITSETT, N.C. -- A teenage girl is recovering at Moses Cone Hospital after highway patrol officials said she was injured in a hit-and-run crash in Whitsett.

Samantha Roberts, 17, was struck while walking with a friend along Rock Creek Dairy Road around 9:30 p.m. Thursday, according to officials.

Sergeant Doug Growman said the car involved is believed to be a green 4-door Honda Accord.

"The right rear view mirror of the car struck the girl on the left elbow with enough force to knock the mirror off the car," Growman said.

Roberts's mother, Donna Reynolds, said her daughter is in a lot of pain with a broken arm and broken pelvis.

"I have had anger behind it, I'm going to try to be very understanding, but it's very hard when you're looking at your child hurt," Reynolds said.

Roberts is listed in stable condition.

Troopers ask anyone with information toward the investigation to come forward.


  • bella 07

    Why in the world is someone walking down a dark road late at night? It is a shame that she got hit and while I agree the driver should have stopped,he probably did not even see her.I bet she won’t do something so stupid again.

    • Miamor97

      Don’t be stupid. I’ve known Samantha for several years. She and a close family friend were walking to a creek. It’s NC, people do that here. It wasn’t late enough that they could have gone unseen. She has a toddler at home. So don’t talk about doing something stupid. She just needs to get better so she can take care of her child and I don’t want to see comments from people like you who don’t know anything about the situation. And you know what? It was probably someone drinking and driving, so take a step back and think before you say anything about a girl in her situation.

      • bella 07

        Are you kidding? She has a toddler at 17? That is all the more reason she should have been home with her child instead of out walking around on country roads at night!!!

  • bella 07

    The mother has no right to be angry.She should have known where her daughter was.I raised three children and they would have never been out that late walking down a lonely road.She could have been picked up by some sick person.She is actually very lucky!

  • christina

    It wasn’t even like that…she was with family walking…have you considered them being broke down….they veered toward her…the person did stop and then took off…and if it was your kid you would be angry…regardless of who’s at fault…put yourself in their shoes for a second…

    • bella 07

      I wouldn’t be in their shoes.Like I said,if you do something so stupid,you are asking for trouble.It doesn’t matter if she was walking with family or alone.Not a good thing to be doing.

      • sdteer414

        That’s my cousin you keep calling stupid. Glad you successfully raised all of your children without any issues but you really need to take into consideration that you’re a grown woman calling a 17 year old child that was just walking with someone else to get from point A to point B and an irresponsible driver hit her and then ran off like a coward. And her mother was WELL aware of where she was at and was close by and rode with her in the ambulance to the hospital. Know your facts before you start running your mouth and making yourself look STUPID.

      • Luke

        Good job blaming the victim.
        People like you are exactly what’s wrong with society, with the “it would never happen to me, because I’m perfect” mentality. Enjoy life in your bubble.

    • bella07

      Oh, you just gave me a great idea! I think my family and I are going to get together tonight and go for a walk down to the creek.Sounds fun! I hope drivers can see us so they don’t hit us.

      • Tim

        Please do, maybe we’ll be lucky enough that they do hit you so no one has to see another one of your annoying comments. Literally everyone on this page has called you an idiot, let’s get the hint and no when to just leave and go take your walk to the creek.

  • John Smith

    It is our God given right as Christian Americans to kill while driving a car. Bikers and walkers be damned.

  • bella 07

    To sdteer414,I was not calling her “stupid” but said ” she was doing something stupid.”There is a difference.I also am not saying the driver was right.It was horrible that he drove away but accidents happen everyday.

    • sdteer414

      Get a life. You did call her stupid several times whether it was saying she was stupid or what she was doing was stupid you put your foot in your mouth now start chewing on it and stop talking. You don’t know her or the situation fully she was injured in a hit and run. Blame the victim. I bet you blame girls that get raped for what happens to them too. You are the actual vision of what’s wrong with this country.

  • Flip Wilson

    9:30 at night and her mom says they were walking to the creek? Hmmmmm no shoulder on the road no streetlights…walking in the road evidently not on the grass….need to be looking for God to thank him!! 930 at night u can hear AND see a car coming a mile away in the country!! Bet drugs or beer was involved

      • Flip Wilson

        Oh she was sober? You sure about that? I guess that’s why they didn’t hear the car comming,didn’t see no headlights and walking IN the road. Or maybe that’s why they were walking to the creek 930 at night because they were sober. …..

  • Jessica Matt Poff

    Why are we arguing here. I mean come on. This poor girl is hurting. Please life her up in prayers right now and the family. As well as the driver that he will come forward voluntarily or be found. Regardless of the fact that she was walking on a dark road at night or it was a sunny day, she still does not deserve to be hit and the person take off without manning up to it. So instead of debating a fact that is over and done with lets be praying for her instead. And yes, it can easily happen to the best of us.

  • Flip Wilson

    U are 100% right Jessica. I’m just saying I live in the country and I’m sorry I just don’t see people walking IN the road pitch black at night going to the creek. Get well soon Samantha

    • sdteer414

      Yes I’m sure she was sober. 100% positive she was sober. She was walking to the creek on the SIDE of the road and was hit. Just because you would only walk to the creek on a junkie binger doesn’t mean the rest of the people out in the country are the same way!

  • Meagan

    Bella 07- I don’t think you understand how completely stupid you sound. You know what people did before we had “vehicles”, they did something called “walking”. Before I had a car, I walked everywhere back roads and main streets in south florida, and I was atleast 5 years younger than her. (And btw my mom was the best mom out there, she just wasn’t an overprotective nut case and I’ve never been hurt a day in my life). If you are operating a vehicle, you are responsible for looking out for every pedestrian on the road. You have the deadly weapon, not them.

    • bella 07

      You sound really bright!!We do have cars now in case you didn’t notice.We are perfectly entitled to walk around anywhere we want but common sense tells most of us that it is not safe to do.Life is all about making good choices.With all the people drinking and driving and texting while driving,you take a chance if that is what you choose to do.

  • Meagan

    Bella 07- please stop commenting. You’re stupidity is killing us all. Who the hell cares if she has a kid? It’s 9:30, didn’t know once you have a kid you’re locked in the house forever and can never go out with friends and have fun. Literally, I have never heard someone more ignorant than you. Thank god you weren’t my mother, probably would have ran away when I was younger for good. If you lock your kids away forever and never let them go out, you’re gonna have a rude awakening when they become an adult and can do everything you said no to.

    • bella 07

      My grown children couldn’t have turned out better!They all have successful jobs and children of their own.They are home at night with their families and not out walking to a creek! I guess I have to realize some people just do not do what they are supposed to do

      • Meagan

        What should the homeless or poor do though? Should we just say screw them, and tell them to stay off all the streets and just sit in the woods somewhere until they die? No. People will always be walking, some for enjoyment and the working out reason, and others because they have no choice. Just because you can afford it doesn’t mean everyone else can. It’s great your kids turned out well, most sheltered kids go crazy once they leave the house. I turned out great with a successful job and a great family, but I had fun as a kid and my mom didn’t try to put me in a bubble. She’s 17, maybe she didn’t have a car or even a license? Let’s just all keep in mind, were not all rich with jobs and cars. Some people must walk, so the people who have enough money to drive need to take responsibility. A license states you are operating a deadly weapon and are responsible, you don’t need a single license or permit to walk. I think that states who is more responsible for the actions in this case.

  • Meagan

    Also sweetheart, not everyone can afford cars. Some have to walk, and I live in a place where thousands are homeless and can’t even afford the bus. So yeah you’re the bright one, thinking everyone in the world is rich enough to drive their own car. So what do we tell the homeless and people who can’t get rides? Sorry. You have to just go sit in the bush and not move so a car won’t hit you. Let’s start using the brain God gave you.

  • bella 07

    We are not talking about homeless people.We are talking about being responsible ,especially when you have children.I feel sorry for some children!

    • sdteer414

      Bella 07 I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for the fact that you live such a perfect existence and have never made a single mistake in your life. Mistakes are how we learn and grow to be better people so that we don’t sit online hiding behind a computer judging others instead of praying for justice to be served and healing to occur. I feel sorry that you’re so bored with your perfect life in your precious bubble of mistake free living that you are sitting here speaking ill AGAINST a 17 year old CHILD. Your perfect life has made you a horrible excuse of a person. You are dead wrong saying that this is her fault or that she is irresponsible because she was walking to the creek with her friend one night and a person driving a car – most likely drunk – hit her and injured her badly. You should be ashamed of yourself. I pray that you find a life and that you make a few mistakes yourself so that you can see what it is to be a HUMAN BEING instead of some programmed perfect robot. Although, given the arguments you’ve put up I imagine your some 30 something’s man still living in mommy’s basement living on World of Warcraft and Redbull just trolling on here for reactions and attention because you’re too sorry to get off your butt and go get a real life in the real world. Prayers for ya babe. Hope you get a life soon and stop picking on little injured teenagers.

  • ashe

    I feel I should point out that rock creek dairy road is very dark at night and you can barely see anything. And in all honesty, the car is probably from one of the trashy folks that live in the trailer park over there. Sorry she got hit, but there were several bad decisions made in the thought process. Bet if you looked in the “trailer hood” you’d find that car.

  • beham

    Did anyone read this statement“The right rear view mirror of the car struck the girl on the left elbow with enough force to knock the mirror off the car,” Growman said.

    She was walking with

  • beham

    If she was walking facing traffic she could have seen the car coming and that would have given her more of a chance to get out if the road. I’m not saying the car would have stopped but she could have had more of a chance to avoid the car.

    • sdteer414

      Oh ok. Sorry there are a bunch of people on here being antagonizing and playing blame the victim and I read to much into your comment. My apologies. You’re right, she should have been facing traffic, but it doesn’t change the fact the car drove off and that’s the only part that matters right now to those of us that know her. We just want the person found.

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