More tax changes take effect in North Carolina

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — From buying school supplies to paying your power bill, a new round of tax changes went into effect this week that will impact how much you may have to shell out.

WSOC-TV reported that Yer Lee helps run her family’s flower stand in uptown Charlotte.

She’s a mother of five and every year she took advantage of North Carolina’s tax-free weekend to buy school supplies.

“Usually I’m buying books, pencils, shoes and clothes for uniforms,” Lee said.

Now for the first time in 12 years, Lee and other parents won’t have that option.

The sweeping tax reform Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law last summer eliminated the back-to-school sales tax holiday.

“It was beneficial for us because it kept a little bit more money in our pockets,” said Olsie Robinson, a resident.

A local tax expert said losing the tax break could still benefit shoppers.

Concord Mills announced plans to have a “better than tax free” sales event at the end of the month where some shops will offer major discounts on many back-to-school items.

There will also be tax changes on power bills this summer.

Natural gas customers will see the former 4.7 percent excise replaced with a 7 percent sales tax, which is about $2.50 added to a $100 monthly bill.

A Duke Energy spokesperson said while the sales tax went up, the tax reform eliminated the utility gross receipts/franchise tax, which was $3.56 on the average bill.

It also decreased the corporate income tax by 17 cents.  Duke Energy said a typical residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours a month should only see a 43-cent increase each month.

The annual sales tax holiday on certified energy-efficient appliances was also eliminated.

South Carolina will still have its back-to-school sales tax holiday the first weekend in August.


    • NC Male

      ….and exactly HOW is he destroying this state? Let’s see………he’s lowering the industrial tax to draw more business to NC…..he’s making it easier to get ride of tenured teachers that can’t teach…..he’s enacted voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud……..he’s proposed much needed raises for our teachers…….he’s trying to balance the state deficits left behind by Esley and Purdue………….

      Let me guess…’re an Obama supporter

    • Chucky

      He is having to deal with what the democraps handed off to him. Remember they were in control for quite some time when the economy took a bad turn and he is trying to help the state to recover.

  • Venus

    Yes he is, it’s OK for the rich. I don’t believe political figure should be able to receive money from wealthy people for their campaign.

    • WeBuiltThisCountry

      Your exactly right Venus. Pat owns shares in Duke from his years of working for the company. Now all of a sudden they tax their customers more. They bout out Progress Energy and became the primary energy supplier for NC since McFonny been in office.Politics start at home,not in DC.

      • NCMale

        Good LORD!!! Are you ignorant…or is that just a common trait of liberals???

        Natural gas customers will see the former 4.7 percent excise replaced with a 7 percent sales tax, which is about $2.50 added to a $100 monthly bill.

        A Duke Energy spokesperson said while the sales tax went up, the tax reform eliminated the utility gross receipts/franchise tax, which was $3.56 on the average bill….

        Is there something about this you can’t comprehend?? A 43 cent increase for the average customer….WOW that is some increase. Guess what….if you use less power you wont pay as much!!! If your monthly bill is around $140 then after the elimination of the gross receipts tax then guess what…….you don’t pay any more than you used to.

        I swear Michael Savage said it best……Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  • NC Male

    That’s got to be one of the most ignorant comments I’ve heard in a long time. Tell me ONE political figure who DOESN’T receive money from the rich for their campaign????? It’s all a matter of where your interests are. I don’t think it’s fair for political figures to enact laws that patronize a specific demographic so that this specific demographic will continue voting for that particular party either…..but it happens.

  • They way it is

    Poor people do not provide jobs… rich people and investors do and by the way i work from pay check to pay check and do not get nor do i want any government handouts. I am FAR from rich but i believe in earning what you have. The new Governor just started it takes time to fix the junk that the last two left. Most people are just upset that they may lose their handouts and will have to get busy get off the butt and look for a job. AS for the voter ID. If you have proper ID then you should have nothing to worry about

    • WeBuiltThisCountry

      When Duke bout out Progress Energy 700 people lost their jobs or was forced to take less $$ in Charlotte (my brother included) Pat signed a 1.5 million dollar incentive for Duke(his former coworkers) The same company that backed his campaign. Pat is a crooked politician.

    • JWS

      If rich people supply jobs then why are the ones who got bailed out not providing them? If you are talking about people and corporations like Dell then just look at what Michael Dell did to Winston Salem and the people that worked there. That is what the rich think of America and Americans. The rich in this country are shipping all the jobs to China and any other country with cheap labor and the rich are taking advantage of all the illegals in this country with cheap labor and no benefits. If the so called rich, “job providers” would consider America and Americans first there would be no unemployment. You also mention it takes time to fix the junk the last two left but you refuse to give Obama any time or credit for fixing what you called the junk Bush left this country and he left a lot of it. Two unfunded wars which benefited Cheney, a huge deficit and best of all the worst recession since the Great Depression.

      • They way it is

        Obama has had 8 years and how are you any better? He is a socialist nothing more . Deficit is over 16 trillion… his watch……Benghazi…. his watch…. 51 million on welfare…..his watch…… we should be energy independent but no keystone……his watch….. you can’t keep blaming Bush forever…… you have NO excuses….. How are you any better. two terms is enough.

  • Marsha

    It is a sad day when people are so job scared they will uphold anything and everything an administration does. There are plenty of unpolluted and less tax greedy states out there people. Leave them to their own mess they are creating!!! I am :)

    • NCMale

      Marsha there are PLENTY of jobs out there….it’s just that most people think they are too good for those jobs that are available. They would rather take FULL government assistance, than work and SUPPLEMENT their salary with government assistance. Thanks to the overwhelming handout programs brought to this state and country courtesy of bleeding heart liberals many Americans have become lazy and dependent.

  • ratfink

    you know if we just take what we want, set fire to any government official that tries to make us stop, then we, the people can truly be master of our destiny. as long as we rely on lazy democracy, hiding behind the majority clause then nothing will change. republicans talk much of personal responsibility but have no spine or whine when a stronger entity overrules them, they just sulk and say unfair or that’s unconstitutional. democrats are no better. i need no piece of paper telling me i’m a living breathing being or that i matter. i choose death versus the euthanasia that is the “laws” . i choose to set the world on fire instead of a slow benign existence that all of us have been given. i choose to show that i am not not a slave by not obeying. a man chooses, a slave obeys. so slaves what’s your choice?

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