Video apparently shows postal worker throwing packages into a ravine

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Video posted on YouTube¬†apparently shows a postal worker launching packages into a kudzu-covered ravine in Birmingham, Alabama.

The video prompted the postal worker to resign on Thursday, according to Office of the Inspector General Special Agent Kenneth D. Smith.

The incident happened on Monday, according to the person who uploaded the video to YouTube. The poster said the incident occurred on 17th Avenue South on Birmingham’s Southside.

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    • notsurprised

      You watched the video. They would prosecute him, but he wasn’t white. He gets a pass and gets to move on with a clean slate to stick it to the man in another job he will be handed due to affirmative action policies and some poor soul who is better qualified will get turned down so this clown can carry on serving us all in a meaningful way. Aftet all he obviously worked hard and cared deeply about doing the right thing and serving the taxpayers while at the ‘ol USPS.

      • JaxAttax

        Someone’s a racist right-winger. Very telling that your mind went straight to race, shortly followed by government bashing. This guy should be convicted of felony mail tampering. Period. Race is entirely irrelevant.

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