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Questions about coal ash not sinking Dan River business

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- North Carolina's coal ash spill in February which dominated headlines for months and is still being cleaned up in Danville, Va., is not scaring visitors away from the Dan River.

Dan River Adventures is seeing strong campground and river activity business this holiday weekend.

"The main impact from that has been just answering the questions about it," said Glenn Bozorth, the company owner.

On Friday, tubers filled every spot on the bus. The river is expected to be just as busy on Saturday.

Some of those visitors said the coal ash was something they talked about in the early stages of planning their trip but booked the trip anyway.

"In our own internal discussions and debates we came to the realization that it’s clearly not an issue for us down here and we might as well come enjoy the river," said Angelo Charbonnier, who tubed the river with a group of friends from Winston-Salem.

According to Dan River Adventures, the coal ash spill was approximately 20 miles downriver from its headquarters. Neither the spill nor the cleanup in Danville has a direct impact on business but Bozorth said he'd like to see the state prompt Duke Energy to take quick action on all coal ash deposits, including ash from the Belews Creek Steam Station just up the river.

"They're saying it’s a comprehensive plan but they're only listing four sites for immediate cleanup," said Bozorth.


  • Doc Bennett

    This story is not true. This is a Fox News story. No one showed up. The river is full of dead fish. If you put your toes in the acid will eat it off faster than a piranha. Global Warming, Climate Change, Ice Cap melting…..and teachers pay. All caused by Gov Pat and the Republicans. And Duke is the problem too. Their basketball team is bad too.

    There I think I covered all of it. Now back to the bong

    • stantheman

      Another far left ignorant and uninformed liberal, that listens to all the BS from your king Obozo.

    • Angelo Charbonnier

      You do not know what you are talking about obviously because I am the bearded man in the tank top. I was there I did float the river that day. We saw no coal ash. Not a single dead fish either. Interestingly we actually saw many schools of small healthy fish though. Please get your facts right . its OK to not like fox news but this reporter did his job well. And for your comment about having a job and paying taxes….well that speaks for itself. I’m sure your ancestors would be proud of you.

  • Chris Weaver

    Stantheman….me thinks that wuz sarcasm… and pretty good at dat!
    Coal ash is no more toxic than everyday yard dirt…eat 20lbs…yes you might die, from a clogged colon.

  • NobodyAtAll

    I worked in a above ground coal ash landfill from 1984 to 1992, everyday directly in that dust and soot, no fancy clothes or even a mask..Guess what, I’m still here with no respiratory problem of any kind..Part of that landfill is a golf range today..The government agencies and media have made a mountain out of a small pebble..

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