Police officers buy groceries for needy family; get unexpected praise

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VICTORIA, Texas — Two police officers in Texas are getting praise after a photo of them buying groceries for a needy family hit the web.

It’s a photo that’s gone viral in Victoria: two police officers and a basket of groceries.

Rebecca vasquez was behind them in the check-out line.

“It just seemed a little odd just that they were in full uniform and everything,” she said.

So she asked them what they were up to.

“They actually told me that they were going to be donating the entire basket to a family in need,” she said.

Senior Officer Bryan Knief and Cadet Officer Anthony Vacarro were on duty Sunday night when they were called out to a home in Victoria.

There, they noticed the family had no food.

“They just felt the need that they needed to in the kindness of their hearts to go and buy this family food and I just thought it was awesome,” she said.

So awesome she wanted to share it with the world. Vasquez snapped a picture of the two and posted it on Facebook.

Since then… it’s created quite the buzz.

Hundreds of likes and more than 200 shares, many are calling the officers a blessing to the community.

“Of course they didn’t do anything like this to get recognized or to be seen,” she said. “I just happen asked them if it was okay if I put their picture up and now people know that there’s good people in Victoria.”


  • Need Employment and food!

    That is why I want to move to Texas because they are much more caring than people in Virginia!

  • joe012

    Perhaps if our tax dollars were not being spent on people in this country that are not citizens, there would be more available for our citizens. I for one would be willing to give more to charities if I knew it would not go to illegal imigrants.

    • bigtrav261

      So, you’re basically saying that you want a guarantee that your money is just going to help legal citizens. Or, else the charity gets no money to help ANYBODY, legal or not. Um, yeah…

  • Need Employment!

    I am full blood American with American parents, grandparents, etc. I need help with food and gas for my son and me. We are struggling and we have counted many pennies for gas and a breakfast sandwich. I have never seen so many people here in Virginia who have turned their heads to people who are hungry and need help. I slept in my car for many months.

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