Kirkwood July 4th tradition still going strong

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A plaque in a Kirkwood park designates the neighborhood as the "most patriotic" one in the country. And people who live there, like Melissa Nelson, say, "I think it might be true."

People in the small Greensboro neighborhood say the 4th of July is the day they wait for all year long.

"Just to see old friends that come by and enjoy the parade with us," says one Greensboro mother, Liza Hall.

The day’s worth of festivities culminates in their annual parade that dates back to the 1940s.

People in Kirkwood say the parade got its start because the neighborhood's first residents were World War II veterans, just home from war. Now, current residents say they want to keep the tradition going to honor their legacy.

Today's parade featured floats made by Kirkwood residents, as well as a stream of children on bicycles. It's a short parade, but some people who live there say it's the best one in Greensboro.

Michael Picarelli, who brought his organization's float to the parade, says "The Kirkwood parade drives a sense of fun" unparalleled by any other parade in the city.