Body of missing Arkansas realtor found

Guilford Animal Control has responded to 70+ calls of dogs left in hot cars already this year

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County Animal Control officers are reminding dog owners to leave their pets at home during the hot summer months.

Since May 1, there have been 72 calls for service regarding people leaving their dogs in vehicles.

Owners that are still present once animal control arrives are faced with a $500 citation for animal cruelty by the Guilford County Environmental Health Department.

Dr. Stacey Chappell, with Animal Medical Centre of Greensboro, said it only takes five minutes before dogs can be harmed from heat exhaustion.

“We have to focus on cooling their core temperature. Usually if they get over 109 degrees, they can’t be saved regardless of the therapy.”

The average temperature of a dog’s body is 100 to 102 degrees.

Chappell said breeds like pugs and bulldogs can be effected faster because of their nasal build that already gives them trouble with breathing clearly.

In 2013 two dogs died because of heat exhaustion and lack of water in Guilford County.


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