Unemployment rate falls in Greensboro area

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The unemployment rate in the Greensboro-High Point area dropped to 6.9 percent in May, compared to 8.7 percent a year ago, according to state data released Tuesday.

Unemployment in Guilford County dropped from 8.6 percent last year to 7.1 percent in May, according to statistics from the N.C. Department of Commerce’s Division of Labor & Economic Analysis.

In Randolph County, the rate fell from 8.6 percent last year to 6 percent in May. The unemployment rate in Rockingham County dropped from 9.5 percent to 7.5 percent.

Source: News and Record


  • Chucky

    It really sounds great to say that unemployment is falling but what does that really mean? If you read between the lines, you’ll know that it means fewer people are on unemployment. In other words, fewer people are receiving unemployment benefits. It does not necessarily mean they have gotten jobs.

  • jliles1205

    From the Wall Street Journal, July 4 2014

    North Carolina Got It Right on Unemployment Benefits
    Unemployment in the Tar Heel State dropped by 17% in the second half of 2013 after extended benefits expired.

    “More important, broader measures confirmed that North Carolina’s labor-market gains after leaving the extended-benefits program weren’t statistical quirks. In addition to the standard unemployment rate released every month (U-3), BLS computes annual averages for unemployment rates that include discouraged workers (U-4), all other marginally attached workers who have stopped looking for jobs (U-5), and people working part time who would rather have full-time jobs (U-6). By each measure, North Carolina still experienced one of the nation’s largest drops in unemployment.”


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