NC teen mom confesses to burying newborn baby in yard

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LOUISBURG, N.C. — A 16-year-old confessed to burying her newborn baby in a side yard near her home, Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones told WBTV Monday.

Authorities say the newborn baby’s body was found in a brown grocery bag buried in a shallow grave around 10 p.m. Sunday.

The sheriff said the teen’s father found the newborn just hours after his daughter gave birth.

“He noticed a tool was out of place, and that led him further,” said Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones. “Then, he noticed some earth had been disturbed, and so he began to pry and poke around. And then he found a deceased baby in a shallow grave in a brown bag.”

The teen mother confessed that she buried the child, WBTV reported.

The medical examiner is trying to determine if the baby was alive at birth, or stillborn. There were no apparent injuries, according to authorities.

The teen mother remains at WakeMed, and officials are not releasing her name. The name of the baby’s father has not been released.

Jones said authorities believe the baby was born Sunday around lunchtime but are still investigating.

Right now, authorities believe the teen acted alone, and they are sending out a plea.

“Anybody that gets in this situation, there are options. There are safe havens,” said Jones. “North Carolina has done a lot to protect young children and newborns. There is somewhere to drop them off. There are hospitals for them to go to to say, ‘Hey I’m having this baby and I’m too young, or financially I can’t afford it. I need some help.’ All of those options are better than the shock and the pain that several people will follow.”

No charges have yet been filed.

Source: WBTV


  • FaithC

    No charges filed? Why? If the baby was born healthy and now it is dead, does this not make them guilty of murder? If they called no help when she was having the baby, was their intention to get rid of it? They have a great deal to answer for.
    Don’t want to hear, they are young and did not know what to do. At 16 you well know what to do and what is right and wrong.

    • twosidestoeverystory

      You’re a fool. Not every 16 year old has had the same life experiences. You have no idea what this girl knew or did not know.

    • Shae

      NO Charges filed because they are still trying to determine if the baby was born alive, or stillborn. Please read thoroughly before making idiotic assumptions. Wait until the TRUTH emerges, and then give your feedback. You have no idea what happened, or what type of situation this girl was going through! She could have been molested for all we know. But, guess what, WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, other than a deceased baby was found. Watch the news in the coming days, and draw your conclusion from there; until then, you and half of these other people should shut up!

    • KK

      Why do you continue to say “They”??? The article said it is believed the teen acted alone. It also said there had not “yet” been any charges filed. It seems like every article I read you have commented on….do you not have anything better to do?

  • seriously?

    what is wrong with people these days??? they need to charge the little monster with murder and the parents need to be locked up too if it is determined they had anything to do with it.

  • JT

    Expect to see more of this now that Governor Weaselface, the Republican Party and the SOCTUS have declared war on abortion clinics, planned parenthood and contraception availability.

      • JT

        Oh, you got me Jliles–the governor didn’t pass legislation that effectively close all the abortion clinics in NC except one, and the SCOTUS didn’t just side with Hobby Lobby to allow employers to deny insurance coverage for birth control based on the employers belief in fairy tales and mythology. You’re right–I made it all up…

      • jliles1205

        JT and aXX kiss- Hobby Lobby has, and will provide contraceptive coverage- yet you continue to carry hillary and flukes water. You are certified liars..
        Go back to your basements.

  • Medicad worker

    Why you so mad at the Governor and the Republican Partry? Your tax dollars pay of FREE BIRTH CONTROL to all the ASK for it. If they can give the “p” away for free why not be responsible and get on birth control and quit playing the blame game.

  • Axe Kick!

    I’m tired of my comments not being posted but go ahead and protect your lilly white base!

  • never ceases to amaze me

    How about this keep your legs closed! Or better yet keep track of your 16 year old! There are lots of options her doing that is labeling her as plain trash! People out there are paying a lot of money to have kids. Ugghh. Ignorance.

    • never ceases to amaze me

      So everyone that kills should get a pass? Mistake was getting pregnant at 16 killing was deliberate!

  • Kristen overman

    I know a few girls YOUNGER than her that have kids… and they handle it perfectly fine. it was her responsibility, and she decided to bury that child. She deserves prison. She could have easily taken it to someone or somewhere, but she CHOSE to bury it like that. It may have died after birth, but to me it seems that she just didn’t want to own up to her responsibility. Kids under 18 should keep their legs closed and pants zipped, anyway, in my opinion.

  • gree80034

    Sadly, she could have access to every contraceptive known to man and this situation still might’ve happened. At this age she saw the baby as a problem that needed to be taken care of and didn’t have the maturity, wisdom or counsel to come up with a different solution. Sad for all involved.

  • busymomof2

    Very sad situation but all the details are not in. I do not agree with her actions but this seems to me to be the time to pray for this family.

  • twosidestoeverystory

    Poor girl. One or more of her parents must be horrible people to make a girl feel desperate enough to think this was her only option. Probably Bible-thumping religious nut(s) who would give her no support, in either getting access to reliable birth control, or with any reasonable support had she told them about the pregnancy. Possibly not true but I’d be willing to be a lot of money on it. Poor girl, scared to death and too naive from her sheltered life in church to know where to turn. I hope the prosecutors will examine her life circumstances and deal with her fairly. If she does happen to be just a selfish, spoiled b**** then send her away.

  • My Site

    That’s why we have to be knowledgeable before doing an act of having a baby. I hope parents guide their children more. And there’s lot of blogs and website that you can read about having a baby.

  • jliles1205

    Here’s an idea- make any woman who is of breeding age take and pay for a government course in birthing and raising a child, and understanding the abandonment option.. you know, like Americans who are forced to take a government sponsored course and pay exorbitant fees for exercising their civil rights..
    And if you are too uneducated to understand hyperbole, don’t try to respond….

  • Angela

    Sorry, but you can’t blame the girls parents. Even if raped she could have given the baby up at birth. Instead, she made a conscious decision to put it in a bag and bury it.

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