NC teen mom confesses to burying newborn baby in yard


LOUISBURG, N.C. — A 16-year-old confessed to burying her newborn baby in a side yard near her home, Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones told WBTV Monday.

Authorities say the newborn baby’s body was found in a brown grocery bag buried in a shallow grave around 10 p.m. Sunday.

The sheriff said the teen’s father found the newborn just hours after his daughter gave birth.

“He noticed a tool was out of place, and that led him further,” said Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones. “Then, he noticed some earth had been disturbed, and so he began to pry and poke around. And then he found a deceased baby in a shallow grave in a brown bag.”

The teen mother confessed that she buried the child, WBTV reported.

The medical examiner is trying to determine if the baby was alive at birth, or stillborn. There were no apparent injuries, according to authorities.

The teen mother remains at WakeMed, and officials are not releasing her name. The name of the baby’s father has not been released.

Jones said authorities believe the baby was born Sunday around lunchtime but are still investigating.

Right now, authorities believe the teen acted alone, and they are sending out a plea.

“Anybody that gets in this situation, there are options. There are safe havens,” said Jones. “North Carolina has done a lot to protect young children and newborns. There is somewhere to drop them off. There are hospitals for them to go to to say, ‘Hey I’m having this baby and I’m too young, or financially I can’t afford it. I need some help.’ All of those options are better than the shock and the pain that several people will follow.”

No charges have yet been filed.

Source: WBTV


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