Former UNC advisor files lawsuit against University after NCAA reopens investigation

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Mary Willingham

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill advisor Mary Willingham, the whistleblower who claimed some student athletes were functionally illiterate, has filed a civil suit against the school, according to WTVD.

The suit comes just a day after UNC announced that the NCAA will reopen its 2011 investigation of academic irregularities at the school involving student athletes.

The university said the “NCAA has determined that additional people with information and others who were previously uncooperative might now be willing to speak with the enforcement staff.”

In a statement issued Monday, Willingham said:

“The NCAA will need some serious help from our historians at UNC (so many years have passed). The NCAA cartel has lost credibility as a regulatory body. Meting out punishment should not be the purpose of any inquiry at this point. Instead, they should focus on how to use the UNC example to reform the entire system.”

Details surrounding Willingham’s lawsuit have not been released.

UNC’s problems first began in 2010 when it announced it was looking into allegations of plagiarism, tutors who violated rules, faculty who failed to provide oversight, alleged unethical conduct by an assistant coach, and allegations that players got perks from professional sports agents.

Despite previous internal investigations, UNC has now requested Ken Wainstein, a former federal prosecutor, to do a new independent investigation of the scandal.

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  • Mark Stabler

    It is all about the money. How long did this “adviser” work a UNC? If all that she claimed occurred, it apparently occurred on her watch as well as that of others. If there is anyone in the United States that thinks athletes at big time Universities don’t get preferential treatment they are living in wonderland. How many football and basketball players come to school from poor single family homes that are living on welfare and within months are driving around campus in a almost, if not, new vehicle and wearing $1000.00 suits. Maybe it’s visiting high class jewelry stores while at away games and buying thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Not just UNC, not just the ACC, but everywhere.

    • Kaffie

      I agree. Let’s not point fingers just at UNC – we need to point to Duke, UCLA all schools are involved to some extent.

  • Doc Bennett

    If you see someone wearing an Appalachian T Shirt they most likely went to Appalachian. If you see someone wearing a UNC T Shirt they most likely went to Wal Mart…..or they went to UNC and can’t read because their classes were made up.

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