Police ID decomposed body found near Peters Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Deputies have identified a decomposed body found in a ravine near Peters Creek Parkway on Tuesday.

Around 10 a.m., detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division were in the 600 block of Peters Creek Parkway conducting a follow up investigation on a missing person case.

Detectives were searching for Larry Brian Haynes, who was last seen leaving Forsyth Medical Center on June 9.

While in the area, one of the detectives "noticed a foul odor" in the vicinity of Peters Creek Parkway and Academy Street, police said. The detective "recognized the odor to be that of decomposition."

After a brief search, a body was located down a steep embankment. The embankment was covered in heavy vegetation and the body was not visible from either Peters Creek Parkway or Academy Street, police said.

The body was recovered and later identified as Devin Ryan Moncus. Moncus' family has been notified of the discovery, however the death investigation is in its early stages, police said.

The preliminary investigation has yielded no immediate indications of foul play.

Larry Brian Haynes

Larry Brian Haynes

Detectives continue their efforts to locate Larry Brian Haynes. Haynes is known to frequent the area of Peters Creek Parkway and will likely be traveling on foot.

A Silver Alert has been issued for Haynes based on medical issues he is known to suffer, and the family of Haynes continues to assist authorities in their attempts to locate him.

Authorities have no reason to believe that the death of Devin Moncus and the disappearance of Haynes are related.


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    • Beer gut

      Sinner 3 sounds like you spend a lot of time at this location since you know so much about it.

    • Heather

      People make mistakes and do things they shouldn’t sometimes. Ryan was a good man and was a good friend to me. Unless u knew him u have no rite to talk bad about him! He has a mama and 2 brothers that are heart broken over this! I know Ryan didn’t do this to himself and I hope whoever had part in it is brought to justice!!!!! R.I.P Ryan! Gone but never forgotten!

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        Wow Unknown, I hope folks know that your level of illiteracy is not indicative of all Surry County folks. :/

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    Listen, City Of Winston-Salem personel, you really have to close down this awful place from the city!! This business is rotten!! This place makes an image of downtown looking bad because Peters Creek Parkway is the main street to the downtown!!

    • greg

      Stop concerning about how to make Winston Salem downtown bigger and nicer. Surrounding area is more important than what is inside of the downtown. Peters Creek Pkwy is dead. Please make this area looking beautiful and innovate things so that this place can attract more people and make economic growth.

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