Tanning nanny accused of leaving kids in van on 90-degree day

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PORTLAND, Ore. — A nanny is accused of leaving a baby and a toddler in a van with the windows up while she was at a tanning salon on a 90-degree day.

Kristin Jones, 23, was arraigned in court Friday on charges of criminal mistreatment, reckless endangering, child neglect and driving while suspended.

She was arrested on May 14.

Kristin Jones

Kristin Jones

According to court documents, police were called to the parking lot of a southeast Portland tanning salon on reports of children screaming from inside a van.

The officer at the scene found the Dodge Caravan in question and said two young children were inside covered in sweat.

The officer opened the door and took the children out. One child was almost 3 years old at the time, while the other was just 1-month-old.

A probable cause affidavit states when the officer got close to the older child, he “felt the heat radiating from him through his bulletproof vest.”

Fox 12 records show the high temperature on May 14 was 91 degrees. Meteorologists say temperatures can rise 40 degrees inside a car within an hour on a hot day.

According to court documents, Jones walked out of the tanning salon after the officer took the children out of the van.

Police reports state Jones told the officer that she was the nanny, but she had left the children with their mother in the van.

Police contacted the Department of Human Services and learned the mother had been at work all day.

Jones eventually admitted that she left the children in the van unattended and lied about it because she was scared, according to a probable cause document.

Jones is set to face trial on Aug. 18.

Court records show she has previous convictions of driving while suspended in 2012 and 2013, two separate DUII convictions in 2012 and a 2009 conviction for second-degree theft.

She was booked many more times in jail for not meeting the terms of her previous releases.

Source: CNN/KPTV


  • Chucky

    She is lucky that someone heard the children and removed them from the car. Less time in the UV lights lady, they are frying your brain.

  • Huh

    Now, this b**** left these children ON PURPOSE and so far no one here is calling for her head on a stick. WHY NOT?? Where is the charge for attempted murder and where are all the Justin Ross Harris haters that should be demanding it?

    • mojorisin73

      I agree 100%, It’s the double standard BS in our country today, girls like this can do stuff like leaving kids in a hot car and even sexually assault kids without all the backlash. All they get is a slap on the wrist and a deal with playboy but if it’s a man then he gets locked away for life just because it’s today’s messed up society that has male hating feminist backed laws that discriminate against men.

      • Huh

        It’s because she’s young and pretty-ish (“pretty”, as in: blonde). Plain and/or middle-aged women with “mom bodies” wouldn’t get quite the free pass that this one seemingly is.

  • R.H. Mayo

    Are you kidding me? She should be thrown under a bus and I’ll gladly take the wheel. I hope like hell she sits in jail for a long time, until she’s too old to reproduce,or just snip and clip her now.

  • Patricia G.

    This makes me sick, how can anyone leave children in a vehicle unattended in the heat like that.
    Same it’s against the law to deal out the same to these idiots.
    I hope she never has any children, they will not survive with a ( person ) like her, sorry I could not use the word Mother, something she would never be.

    • okaygodherecometheperfectpeople

      Patricia, people are capable of learning from their mistakes. She was incredibly stupid and might or might not always be, but you don’t know. Chill out.

      • seriously?

        Earth to OKAYGODHERECOMETHEPERFECTPEOPLE: this bimbo hasn’t learned a thing from her mistakes; she’s a drunk driver; a thief and she almost killed 2 kids but hopefully she’ll learn some day – I DON’T THINK SOOOOOOOOO

      • okaygodherecometheperfectpeople

        Haha, “Seriously”, I like your style. Agreed that she’s not the best candidate for nanny or mother of the year anytime soon.

  • Tabitha

    Why in the world would the parents of these children not do an extensive background check on anyone they leave their children with!!! SMDH!!! PARENTS KNOW WHO YOU LEAVE YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN WITH!!!!

    • Chris

      I was gonna say the same thing Tabitha. i Blame whoever left the children with that crazy heffa.

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