Security guard struck by car at Winston-Salem park

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Police are looking for a suspect after a security guard was struck by a vehicle while on-duty at a park in Winston-Salem Sunday evening.

Officers responded to Union Cross Park on Union Cross Road around 9:40 p.m. in reference to gunshots.

Police say when the armed guard approached a silver four-door Dodge truck parked in the area the suspect started driving straight for the guard.

The guard said he fired his gun, but said he was then struck by the vehicle. The driver sped off, leaving the guard on the ground.

People who frequent the park say they do so to escape the chaos of the world. Now, they say it seems the chaos is coming to them.

"[I’ve] never seen anything like this happen. Never really seen any trouble happen out here," said Don Comer, who has been coming to the park for ten years. "Nothing like somebody [getting] run over and firing shots."

"Were they up to no good? I mean, were they just sitting here; does anybody know?" Melissa Smith, who visits the park daily, said about the occupants of the truck. "Now you have to be afraid because you don't know what's [going to] happen in your little private spot."

The guard was not seriously injured.

The occupants of the vehicle were described as a man and woman in their 20s. Their injuries are not known.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information concerning this case is requested to contact the Winston Salem Police Department at 773-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 727-2800.


  • Rebecca Shepard

    I grew up and live in this area and this is very odd. But what bothers me is the Islamic terror training camp in High Point by the old Girl Scout campground. It has a sign about being an Islamic Center but why one in the woods? Why the sudden appearance of women in Burcas when we have high unemployment? Where are these folks working? I wonder if this was a terrorist training exercise. Just like the suspicious package left at the Bank in High Point. Practice in relative “quiet” and under the radar. I have a Muslim turned radical Muslim best friend from High school who lives in Egypt now and I know first hand about these nut jobs. Her husband made a comment about how quiet NC was. This back in the 80s. She is dangerous now and not a friend to our Country. I really believe we have a serious problem in our community and when I read about stuff like this, to me it isn’t gang related or a stupid prank. I think it is much more sinister in nature.

      • Rebecca Shepard

        Don’t be blinded because you don’t like it that things could affect you here in the Piedmont Triad. And not for the good. Drive down Kivett Drive and check out the Islamic Center of the Triad and then tell you have a warm fuzzy feeling. In fact drive right on in and see how welcome they make you. THEN tell me we just put our heads in the sand like an ostrich.

      • Really?

        Yes, I can clearly see how the night security guard at Union Cross Park would be the target of Islamic terrorists. The security guard won, though. Worst terrorists ever.


      I pray for your infertility. How ridiculously sophmoric. Did you see the bhuddist center here in greensboro? Theyre up to no good. I hear them plotting about taking back tibet.

      • Rebecca Shepard

        Buddhists aren’t killing people. And most security guards are not armed, so what was he protecting at the business park that required he be armed? That is not normal. And the original article didn’t say it was 20 year old couple. A couple just there to make out so upset they are caught they try to run the guard down? That takes a simple mind to believe that.

  • Really?

    Wow, when I first read this I thought ‘a couple kids making out got surprised by a trigger-happy security guard’. There’s no evidence at all that the driver of the truck was “driving straight for the guard” except for the security guard’s word, and he had to come up with something after firing his gun, right? Then Rebecca showed me the light.

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