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SC parents in custody after 10 children found living in ‘filthy conditions’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Andrej and Natalia Sokil

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. — A couple was arrested after their 10 children were found living in filthy conditions at their home in Spartanburg Friday.

Deputies responded to the home on Old Lowe Road where they found 10 children, ages 1-15, living in “conditions not conducive to their health and well-being.”

All 10 children were taken into protective services.

Their parents, Andrej and Natalia Sokil, were arrested and charged with three counts each of neglect of a child or helpless person. They were transported to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.

Source: WLOS


  • Chucky

    I still find myself wondering if people should have to get a permit or take mandatory classes when having or adopting children. It is horrible that children are endangered at the hands of those who are supposed to be caring for them and protecting them.

    • Chucky

      And yes, I know that such policies would raise issues about a person’s rights to pursue happiness and such but what about the rights of the children?

  • seriously?

    this is a prime example why certain people should should be spayed or neutered just like dogs. now the taxpayers get to take care of the ‘offspring’

    • Andrey S

      Your comment is a prime example of why certain people should be lobotomized to lessen the burden of stupidity on society. Learn the facts.

      • Tomtom

        I am shocked.
        It is very hard for the parents to go through all of this. I don’t think that the kids was unhappy. If somebody find the bruises, it isn’t mean that the parents are guilty.
        May God bless you Natalia and Andrej. I will pray for you and all of your kids.

      • seriously?

        several stories confirm the fact they were living in filthy conditions but by all means they should continue breeding because they might have more room in their attic

  • Elena

    Yes, it’s easy to make an opinion and condemn those, who actually work the hardest in society by raising a family (compare to those, who avoid raising children, but quick to judgment and condemnation). 10 children in a family? You do not like that 3 slept in attic? Why wouldn’t you and people like you actually consider building more space for such a family? In Ukraine (so backward country!), at least people of the towns and villages have enough dignity to work together and build housing for families with many children, compare to America (so blue-blood society!), which only know how to destroy, imprison, publicly accuse minorities, who in fact need help. I seriously doubt that Sokils are so bad, as they are pictured in newspapers. In fact, I wish I had connections to travel to Spartansburg to find out how the things really are. {Please, share your info, if you have specific knowledge about real situation. My prayers go to Sokil family for their quick release and reuniting with their children! Families need real mom and dad, not thousands of agencies, which in fact care less!

    • Nat

      There are people whom I know who know this family and they say that the kiddos were well taken take of! They house was a mess because they were in the middle of remodeling the house. Children had bruises because CHILDREN GET BRUISES ALL THE TIME!! You should see my four year olds legs!! Looks like they were used as punching bags, and they WERE not from abuse at all, but from play! Who doesn’t have flies in the house this time of the year? Or bug bites?? Kids DO play outside! From the people you actually know this family, these claims ^^ are twisted and exaggerated!

  • Ask for forgiveness!!!

    First of all to those who are against big families I want to tell you that ask God for forgiveness. Because each child is a Gods plan, only God gives life and nobody cant take it away. And if your mouth can say that those parents who have lots of children needs to be spayed , you should be guilty of your words. Because their is Someone (God) that has more power than any agencies or any one in this planet. This family obeyed God and ONLY God gave them 10 children. Nobody of us helped this family they were working very hard to raise these children. None of these children were hungry, doing drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, steeling, or braking the law. They slept in the attic or closet and what is wrong in that? They were sleeping inside the house where is worm and confront. They can sleep where ever they want to sleep. Their is no law saying that parents or children have to have their own bedroom, bath and must be sparkling clean. They are learning to live not braking laws. About the living filthy. Go to your own homes and look how you live with no children. Your house is more filthy then this family. I know what I am saying. Because you have filthy animals that can’t take a shower or even clean and pick Shit after them selves and you are opening your mouth neglect to this family. But this family is raising humans that are Gods image and that they will work hard for your Social security paycheck. Your pets will not work for you and when you need glass of water your pets will not bring it to you and you will die like animal if you saying lie about this family. And about CPS agencies they are hunting for easy, organic food. They need to look in those families where theirs pets in the house
    with children and parents doing drugs, stilling, drinking alcohol, smoking and teaching young generation to do the same. Also Don’t forget that their is Big judgment that every human living in this world who did good or evil will have to stood up and speak for them selfs and then going to place where you deserve Heaven or hell. My prayer is for this family. Evil people think that they have more power but all the power is God. Be strong Sokil Family we pray for you.
    PS. I don’t know this family but my hart is with them in their tragedy.

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