High Point PD recruiting officers

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The High Point Police Department is casting a wide net to attract more officers to the force, placing posters at restaurants, coffee shops and even at gyms throughout the city.

Currently, the police department is 11 officers short.

Along with budget cuts and a hiring freeze years ago, recruiting officer Curtis Cheeks III says finding applicants who can pass the department's screening process has made it tough to fill the openings.

“If we get someone, three months into the process and something comes up in their background, we have to start over from square one," Cheeks said.

The department usually places posters at job fairs and college campuses but recruiters say placing ads in unconventional places will attract a wider variety of candidates.

Recruiters from the Lexington Police Department are also putting up posters to fill their four vacant positions.

Greensboro and Burlington Police departments do year-round recruiting but are both currently fully staffed.


    • ratfink

      Will you be able to aid/cover up/ ignore hpu university “incidents and/or take direction and leadership from a non-elected official? if so this could be yours and more….. feeling aggressive. well, take that out on a minority of your choosing. wife got you down, that pending divorce getting the best of you? fear not good citizen, you’ll be part of a brotherhood that has got your back! you will also be able to choose the laws you enforce, when you want to enforce them and to whom they effect. what are you waiting for, sign up start today!!!!

  • Ken Baker

    My son in law went through the process to become a police officer in Winston-Salem. He passed everything with excellence only to be told in the end that they were only hiring “minorities”. If you are interested in serving, you might want to be sure you meet this requirement.

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