Heritage House inspection results in 834 violations

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Inspectors found 834 violations in one Greensboro housing┬ácomplex. Of the Heritage House’s 177 units, 139 units weren’t up to code.

Inspectors found the following:

  • 103 units with damaged or non-functioning electrical fixtures, controls or components
  • 99 units had missing or inoperable smoke detectors
  • 66 units were documented with roaches
  • 63 units had unsanitary conditions
  • 53 units had plumbing fixtures or drains that needed repairs
  • 51 units had holes in walls and/or ceilings that require repair and painting
  • 35 units were documented with bed bugs

Rochetta Cheek lives in the Heritage House with her mom and she says they’ve had enough.

“It’s nasty, it’s filthy, the hallways stink, the stairways stink,” Cheek said.

City officials didn’t condemn any of the units. It is up to each individual owner of the unit to make the necessary repairs.

City officials are meeting with each owner in mid-July. Property owners will get 30 days to bring the units up to code. If the repairs are not made after the 30 days, the owner can be fined or the city can condemn the unit.

City officials say the Heritage House has had issues for years.


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