Heritage House inspection results in 834 violations

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Inspectors found 834 violations in one Greensboro housing complex. Of the Heritage House's 177 units, 139 units weren't up to code.

Inspectors found the following:

  • 103 units with damaged or non-functioning electrical fixtures, controls or components
  • 99 units had missing or inoperable smoke detectors
  • 66 units were documented with roaches
  • 63 units had unsanitary conditions
  • 53 units had plumbing fixtures or drains that needed repairs
  • 51 units had holes in walls and/or ceilings that require repair and painting
  • 35 units were documented with bed bugs

Rochetta Cheek lives in the Heritage House with her mom and she says they've had enough.

"It's nasty, it's filthy, the hallways stink, the stairways stink," Cheek said.

City officials didn't condemn any of the units. It is up to each individual owner of the unit to make the necessary repairs.

City officials are meeting with each owner in mid-July. Property owners will get 30 days to bring the units up to code. If the repairs are not made after the 30 days, the owner can be fined or the city can condemn the unit.

City officials say the Heritage House has had issues for years.


  • bella 07

    The unsanitary conditions have nothing to do with being up to code.That is the tenant’s fault.This is probably why the building stinks.

  • FaithC

    “63 units had unsanitary conditions”
    This is the fault of those who live there. Also the reason for the hallways stinking and the bugs.
    Yes the owners should keep the places in good working order and up to code, but the tenants need to get off their lazy a*sses and keep where they live clean. They don’t build slums, the tenants turn them into slums and then complain about the conditions.

  • Iama Retiree

    @ Jennifer —- Well, “Jennifer” who supposedly owns 5 units in this hell of horrors, what do you have to say for your investment now ? Should have gotten better advice on where to put “your money” – what cha think now ? Always the “Big I, Little You” …

  • Mark Stabler

    The real story here should be that this has been going on for a long time and the City Inspection Unit has not been doing their job. How can a facility accumulate over 800 violations without action having already been taken. What is all these building codes for and a Department of the City Government employed and paid to enforce them that allows this many to occur without action?

    • Bishop

      Exactly Mark. These tenants cant get help from government agencies and the city if the city wont condemn the units.. Thats the catch. That puts the city on the hook to help families that are displaced.

  • Bishop

    Actually if you have been following the story for a few years its been a ongoing issue with the owners to repair and maintain the units. Tenants are responsibile this si true but a landlord has legal obligations to protect their invest and do necessary work. FAITHC as usual you talk out of @@@. I have been there a couple of times and see how the tenants struggle to maintain their home because the building needs a overhaul

  • Chucky

    This is a common problem with buildings like this. It is more difficult for the city to make many owners repair portions of a building. When one owner owns the entire building, there is only one person to deal with on violations and that one owner is responsible for all violations. When you have multiple owners of separate rental units, some owners have more violations or more repeated violations while others may have little or none. In either case, the tenants can always choose to vacate a substandard property. If an owner can’t keep renters in there, then they would have to make repairs. People choose to live like that because the rent is low. I know that does not make it right but that is just how it is with rental properties. I see it every day. You cannot pay 250.00 – 300.00 per month and expect that a place is going to be like a resort and your neighbors will be great. I’m not saying the landlords should not be held accountable for this but there need to be laws and ordinances written that hold owners of units like this accountable. Make them post a bond when they choose to invest in a portion of a residential building such as this. Make them collectively accountable for the over all condition of the whole building.

  • sinner 3

    Maybe clear the place out and then use it for fire practice ? The owners could get a pretty good tax break and the city would have a nice place for a parking lot !

  • Hunter Why Ask Why

    HMMM…. I know a couple of owners at the Heritage house and some care more than others. You have owners who tell owners that a tenant is bad, but the other owner will still take the tenant in and same headache different head. I actually got a copy of the violations from an owner and it was as follows.

    Missing Smoke Detectors
    Electrical outlets cracked or missing
    Unsanitary floors, walls, etc.
    Need to bring in an exterminator.

    See this is a small issues. Now the owners cannot keep track of every little thing, but if they had a list of things the inspectors would like to consistently be up to standards, then the owners could periodically check for these things and make sure they are fixed. I mean the tenants can break stuff and take down smoke detectors because they want to freaking smoke and unsanitary is definitely the tenants. I use to think that people keep things clean, but maybe the owners need to understand the types of people they are dealing with and treat them like kids and look after them more frequently….

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