Students at NC community college want president out; more than half sign petition

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Martin Community College President Dr. Ann Britt (

MARTIN COUNTY, N.C. — Students at a North Carolina community college want their school president gone.

WNCT-TV reported that more than half the students at Martin Community College have signed a petition asking the Board of Trustees to not renew Dr. Ann Britt’s contract.

Britt has constantly denied requests for funding and takes it upon herself to decide how the money should be spent, according to Brandy Jess, the school’s Student Government Association president.

“The SGA was paying for things that were not voted on such as student ID badges.” Secretary-elect Samantha Komar said. “Also there were internet services which by law cannot be paid by SGA funding.”

Komar also said the president has an apathetic attitude which is ruining the school’s future.

Britt said she couldn’t comment on the allegations until she spoke with her lawyer. Board chairman Jackie Gillam said the State Auditor’s office is looking into the allegations.

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  • Lauren

    The original allegation’s against President Britt, were, are very personal attacks. Student’s were not reading the petition to have her out and signing this paper saying so. As a fellow student of MCC I personally have friends who signed a petition to have the Art teacher let go, and now their names are showing up on this petition to have President Britt taken from office. These so called funds have records that are being spent and other places are untrue. MCC funds/spending for the last 15 years is available for public record. They have been released to news station. President Ann Britt is a lovely lady and a great asset to Martin County and to the North Carolina Community Colleges.

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