Officer accused of speeding changes tune when he finds out he’s being recorded

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A truck driver apparently caught a police officer speeding and talking on his cell phone while driving.

Trucker Brian Miner said he pulled over the officer in Illinois. The officer then told the trucker he was going to write him a ticket for “unlawful use of a horn.” He also said police are allowed to use technology while driving.

When the trucker told the officer that the whole thing is being recorded, the officer seemed to change his tune.

The officer goes back to his cruiser with the driver’s information, comes back and says the trucker won’t get a ticket.

Brian Miner uploaded the video to YouTube last week.


  • George

    I sent 2 emails to WFMY 2 Wants 2 Know about the same problem. It irritates me to know that cops can pull us over for speeding or texting (the texting part I don’t do) and they’re doing the same doggone thing! Recently, I documented a sheriff’s deputy speeding and swerving while operating his computer/laptop in the front seat. Think I’ll contact News 2 and tell them that Fox 8 is doing something about it…even if it’s small.

    • B

      George George..Police are exempt because they are trained to do a job and this includes receiving and sending info on a installed laptop computer. If you see a policeman speeding then file a complaint with his dept. He will be wrote up if doesn’t have good explanation but that is it. If he gets involved in a collision and he is at fault then he may be fired or disciplined and that depends on the severity of the crash.

      • George

        B B…thanks for the info but that still doesn’t make it right! Trained to drive and operate a laptop? Really? I will look into that because there’s a lot of “training” taking place on our roads by law enforcement. I’ve seen on numerous occasions cops speeding just to join his fellow buddies-in-blue into an empty parking lot for casual conversation or a convenient store for the free coffee. I wonder why the officer in the video didn’t explain to the trucker that he was “trained” and exempt from the laws of the road that most of us so fearfully obey?

  • Matt

    What exactly did this cop do wrong? He seemed respectful to me. Maybe cops shouldn’t be allowed to use their phones, but it’s the law, and yelling at one cop isn’t gonna change it. If you have a problem with the law, appeal to the legislators, not the police. They have nothing to do with that. As for the speeding thing, if the truck was going 65, the cop would have easily passed him at 70. Why are we wasting our time with cops who are actually just doing their jobs when there are cops blackmailing, threatening, and taking bribes? This guy seems fine to me. Let him be.

    • myrealname

      I have no idea how you saw it that way. The cop flat out lied and was going to write the guy a ticket, then came right back and tried to buy him off with a “free inspection” that would make him look good for his company, which the cop shamelessly pointed out immediately and even reiterated at the end: “Enjoy that violation free MCS inspection!” I mean come on, the guy was obviously caught in a lie and just doing damage control. How do you think the rest of that conversation would have gone if the trucker hadn’t said anything about the camera? Or simply didn’t have one? He would have gotten a ticket and become another person to get pushed around by the people who are supposed to be making us feel safe.

  • Scott Ver Hage

    Actually, I come from a family of different types of law enforcement, and police officers are bound by the same laws we are and subject to the same punishments. Plus police officers always watch out for each other and will go to the extreme for another officer…cause who are you going to believe?… An average person or someone of power? What’s saved him was the video camera in his cab, even I have my own dash cam coast less then $50 and could one day help you more than you think.

    • B

      The first clip the camera was moving around and the second clip the camera was still and it appeared that the truck was facing in a different direction. Motor carrier officers stop trucks for inspections and weight issues. They could care less about writing a ticket for blowing a horn illegally. This officer must be a rookie and was fearful of getting a complaint and now the officer comes across as being a puss and an embarrassment to his dept.

  • SherryB

    LOVE IT!!!! Way to go trucker for having the guts to stand up to the cop breaking the sames laws he is suppose to enforce..It happens ALL THE TIME around here, they pass the rest of us like we are standing still, no flashing lights, no siren, no NOTHING…But if WE go past them and their little radar guns doing a few miles over then WE get a ticket…Shocking that the cop didn’t get the man for recording and not telling him beforehand that he was, it was well into the confrontation.. Either way GOOD JOB…Keep on truckin’….

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