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Students, community members protest at Four Season mall

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GREENSBORO, N.C.-- Students and community members with “United Students Against Sweatshops” joined together and protested at the Vans store in Four Seasons mall.

The protesters are fighting for better factory conditions, for both Vans and their parent  company VF Corporation.

Earlier this month, dozens of workers in Bangladesh were injured after a factory fire.

The protesters were heard cheering “Hey Vans hop off it… its people over profit.” Participants said its their duty to make sure everyone is treated the right way.


  • Stupid Hippies

    I bet those know it all college kids are wearing clothes all made in china. Little chants at malls don’t make a hill of beans to those who could change it.

  • Thomas Noell

    I’m still waiting for these same, good little Marxists to take a job where they work for nothing (no, not for a few hours or a few days-a lengthy or permanent job). If profit is such a bad thing, then lead by example, lefties, and donate all that you have in assets and material possessions to those “less fortunate” than you. Otherwise, you are all hypocrites and no better than the “evil capitalists” that you are constantly protesting against. Redistribute that!

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