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No bail issued for boyfriend of missing teacher Bianca Tanner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Angelo Grayson Smith, Jr. and Bianca Tanner

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The boyfriend of missing Guilford County teacher Bianca Tanner was not issued bail during a Saturday appearance in bond court, according to WBTV.

Angelo Grayson Smith, Jr, was arrested by U.S. Marshals Thursday in Chicago and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police said this is an unrelated charge.

Smith reported Tanner missing on June 8. A search warrant said Smith told police he and Tanner got into an argument over a text message.

The search for the 31-year-old teacher is being called a homicide investigation. No suspects have been named.

There is no record of Tanner using her debit card or cell phone after she was reported missing.

During the investigation, detectives talked to several family members of Tanner, including her 3-year-old son.

Tanner’s son told police, “Mommy got a spanking with the belt. Angelo kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry.” The boy also told police that “Angelo is mean to mommy and hurt mommy in the face.”

The search warrant states police are looking for a belt/paddle, cellphones, clothes worn by Tanner during the alleged assault, evidence of blood, hairs and other bodily fluids.

Investigators said Smith had an outstanding warrant for domestic battery out of Arkansas. In that case, Smith’s girlfriend at the time reported to police that he “threw her onto the bed and covered her face, both mouth and nose, with his hand, smothering her,” the warrant states.

Tanner was moving to Charlotte from Greensboro. She is a second-grade teacher at Reedy Fork Elementary School.

Tanner is described as a black woman, 5’3″, 110 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen Saturday on Druid Circle wearing a red tank top, black shorts and black flats.

Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of Tanner is asked to contact Detective Faulkner at 704-336-8970 or call 911.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    This Lady could have any man she wanted, I really don’t understand why she would pick this loser, she had to know he was Violent, the choices we make are unbelievable sometimes & I guess everybody is guilty of stupid stuff but this one cost her life & left her child motherless….shame!!

  • Tell the truth police you have serial killer in Charlotte AJ smith is your fail guy. Hi tech lynching

    Anahi Fiallos, Bianca Tanner, Aaliyah Mccorbin, Diamond Pierce and Jamekia Sabb. All of them have come up missing in the Charlotte NC area. Go to the police web site. All of the other women disappeared just like Bianca Tanner. Diamond Piece was reported missing June 17, 2014 I guess Mr. Smith had something to do with that also? The police is hiding the truth go to their web site and look under missing persons. all of them disappeared with-in 10 miles.

    • yb

      I agree…It is sad that we no longer are innocent until proven guilty…I dont condone abuse but that doesnt make someone a murderer… heart goes out to the family of this young lady, but we have too many men in jail that are innocent and have taken the fall simply because the media and community pushed for anyone to be prosecuted…I do pray for justice…this man has not even been named as a suspect and already people want him executed. I also saw how many missing women there are in that area….The possibility of a serial killer is not far fetche

      • Conan

        I have to follow logic for now, unless this guy has some solid evidence. So, he was last to see her alive, her son told police he beat his mom, and now she is missing and no one else has seen here. Ok, YB, tell me,, where the hell do you think she is? She just got up after the beating and went to a local bar where no one saw her, and got kidnapped by a serial killer? That is far fetched but possible. Over 90% of these cases where the last person to see them alive is guilty of the crime. So, where is she? She just disappeared? And if he is innocent then why no cooperation with the law?

  • leahmariemiller

    I worked with this guy for a short period of time. Can’t believe how much of facade he put on, acting so upbeat and optimistic. Even claimed that the little boy was his son. He had everyone fooled. Then does something like this. So sad and I hope they find this woman.

  • jayjaythejetplane

    “Optimistic and upbeat” characteristics don’t automatically mean you won’t harm someone (or yourself), nor does it mean that if he DID hurt someone, he was merely putting on a front for others. And there are plenty of men who consider themselves to be a father figure for a child that they are taking care of and treating like their own. Not saying that this guy DIDN’T hurt Ms. Tanner, but you only worked with him a short time. You don’t know him.

  • meech

    Agreed. God is good she may be alive AMEN. And how do u know she knew of his prior history for God’s sake they were dismissed. Maybe he didnt tell her

  • Tell the truth police you have serial killer in Charlotte AJ smith is your fail guy. Hi tech lynching

    LEAHMARIEMILLER, AND KEN, I bet you two are not African American. My Grandfather use to tell me stories how they would lynch a black man in the south if he stepped out of line. Fast forward to today and they just use the media now. The police have presented no evidence that Mr. Smith committed this crime but his picture has been all over the news. The police have leak so much to the media about him it just make me think if it was a slam dunk that Mr. Smith committed this crime why haven’t the police charge him? Because they don’t have anything that’s why. Ask any black man he will tell you that there are two justice systems in this country. I’m just glad I’m a realist and see the police for who they are. Five minority women have gone missing in Charlotte since November. All of them have been Kidnapped with-in 10 miles of each other but the reason this story is not making it to the media is because they are minority and are consider throwaway trash. Let this have been five white women that had been kidnapped with-in six months with-in 10 miles and you would see the national news the FBI and the justice department in Charlotte. One last thing LEAHMARIEMILLER, AND KEN, very soon you will be a minority and you will final see what it feels like. My Grandfather told me never go to the south, he left there as a little boy now I see why because hasn’t much changed they just use the media to put the rope around your neck now.

    • Conan

      Really? 2 justice systems. When can we move on? Hate to tell you this but this is 2014, and people like you of ANY race the keep living in the past and keep pushing trash. Repeat, ANY race that keeps living in the past. IF lazy people, again of ANY race, would spend time and effort to make a positive change then the world you think you live in would be different. As for the women, why don’t you take your time and let all know about the missing ladies, why don’t you stand outside the big CNN, MSNBC and the like and force them to tell the country about it? why? Most of them are busy showing the puke and poison Sharpton and the like are making money off of, that’s why. By the way, where are the good Rev. Sharpton and Jackson again when minorities suffer? Where are they? oh, yeah can’t make any money with this one, unless it gets bigger. So, send on the hate mail, call me names and all the other stuff, come on let me have it. Lets keep going and going , never changing.

    • Conan

      oh, one more thing, so when all the central and south Americans get here, you will be even more of a minority, how will you be then, if you think like that.

      • The truth

        One last thing my heart goes out to the Tanner family and I pray for Ms. Tanner’s safe return. But I cannot ignore injustice. I just hate to see a black man lynched in 2014. People have made comments and only know what the media and police want them to believe. Wake up, I never believe what the media and police say. I always verify all facts in a case and right now other than Ms.Tanner’s three year old son being coached by the police has made any type of statement against Mr. Smith. Mrs. Tanner three year old son also said in his statement that his mother left the apartment. I guess all of you missed reading that part. Just think they used the statement of a three year old who was coached by police to issue a warrant for Mr. Smith arrest. You have got to be honest and ask yourself have you ever seen anything like this before. Is this how our justice system works if you can’t find evidence against someone you dig into their past and you leak things that
        they were never convicted for in a court of law and then use the media and take the statement of a three year old to arrest someone, because other than that the police had no concrete evidence to arrest Mr. Smith or they would have leaked it by now. So Conan I won’t attack you all I want is fairness for Mr. Smith and all minorities when it comes to the justice system .

  • NewsJunkie

    Mr. Tell the truth about the police, Im no police/investigator but I have been following this case and felt like something fishy was going on. For example, it is really standard procedure for the US Marshalls to get involved in a case where the ONLY charge at this time is “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” I really hope they really research this case rather than just charging someone. Now Im not saying Mr. Smith is guilty or innocent but I want the police to do their homework prior to charging someone with a crime. I did the search on the other missing girls in the area and there are so many similarities. Their location is similar, their weight is similar, how they went missing is similar etc. Bottom Line,I want the police/investigators to start putting some pieces together. There are too many connections to ignore the possibilities other than Mr. Smith. This may be why they have yet to make him a suspect.

  • The truth

    Let me explain to you what I mean by two justice system. A white man in Florida shoots into a car containing three black teenagers because they were playing there music loud. He kills one of the teenagers and he doesn’t get convicted for killing the teenager. But he is convicted for attempting to murder of the other two teenagers. Here is one more for you, Travon Martin walking home is killed by George Zimmerman and Zimmerman is not found guilty of murder. Now let’s fast forward to Mr. Smith, African American that has never been found guilty of anything!!!!! The police have leaked so much information in this case to the media. The media has continued to run this story daily as if he is guilty. I thought in this great country of ours you are innocent until you are proven guilt. But like I said there are two justice systems and we don’t need Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to realize that it just come down to who you are if the justice system will
    be in your favor.

  • Stephen

    You are so out of touch with reality, that you obviously do not know the definition of lynched. Additionally, it has been proven in a court of law that Zimmerman was not guilty, as he had a right to defend himself. All of the evidence and even Trayvon’s own witnesses presented evidence to support the verdict. I suggest that you get a Webster’s and a legal dictionary and educate yourself. You make yourself look very foolish.

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