Union Co. father charged after 2 children found in hot car

Dante Williams

Dante Williams

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A Union County father faces charges after police said he left his two young children in a hot car.

Police say Dante Williams left both his 1-year-old and 3-year-old children alone in the car while he went into a Food Lion.

Passersby alerted police about the children.

The two were not hurt and are now in custody of a family member.

Source: WSOC

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  • Teresa

    What is wrong with people these days! Every time I turn the news on its another parent or adult leaving a child in the car. How would they feel to be locked in a car for hours or even minutes when its 90 degrees outside! All I can do is pray that the would becomes a better place.

  • FaithC

    An entire generation of people who are to d*amn lazy to do what they should. These kids are popping out babies because it is a way to get government assistance so they don’t have to work. This guy was to lazy, to stupid, or both to take his kids in with him.
    I don’t want to hear the story did not say anything about being on assistance. You all know better and all of us who are working, pay for them.

    • tired of racist posts

      im not defending this man because this is horrible, but was the guy who actually killed his child in georgia after leaving him in a hot car on assistance? What does being on assistance have to do with being an idiot?

  • its my business

    My children are 3 years a part and I can’t tell you ALLLLL the times I would take the baby and the toddler into the grocery with me and spend neary an hour shopping. That was my only option… Kind of like a postal driver, I did it through hail, rain, sleet and snow. And 90 degree temps. Get a grip parents. Or, order online and have the food brought out to you in brown sacks and plastic bags. I don’t care if you are just runnig in for milk at a gas station – – l Do not leave your children or your pets in a car anytime! Not only will a child suffer, its a buls eye for a thief. Again, get a grip!

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