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Dad charged in hot car death of son had search of how long it takes animal to die in hot car on work computer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Justin Ross Harris

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police seized computers from the office of the father of a 22-month-old Georgia boy who died after being left for hours in a hot SUV, and found an Internet search for “how long does it take for an animal to die in a hot car,” a source with knowledge of the investigation into the boy’s death told HLN’s Nancy Grace.

It is unclear when the Internet search was made or if the father was using the computer at the time of the search.

The father, Justin Ross Harris, is charged with murder and second degree child cruelty.

Harris said he was horrified to discover after leaving work last week that he had left his toddler strapped into his car seat on a day of sweltering heat.

On Wednesday, investigators released new information that sheds light on why they charged Harris with murder and cruelty to a child in the death of his son.


  • Bill W

    So they are now saying he wanted his child to die. If this is the case, he needs to be put in a car in July for 8 hours.

  • Jesse

    This makes me want to cry. If this is true they need to do the same thing to him. How cruel can you be.

    • Betty

      I can’t believe anyone could forget their child in the car and not once throughout the day remember they had forgot… Not unless they have a medical explanation for such memory loss, In which case the dad and mom should be charged because he shouldn’t have been in the car with Dad! This father took his child to breakfast before placing him back in the car and driving to work where he then “forgot” the child was in the car? Fact is, an accident causing death is manslaughter! So even if it was an accident, which is crazy, it is criminal negligence – manslaughter! As a parent you don’t get to say oops when something you do or don’t do harms your child! If all parents got away with that, what kind of chaos would the world be in!? There really are so crazy, evil people that exist and they do procreate! ” I didn’t take my child to school, I didn’t feed him, I didn’t bathe him, I didn’t change his diapers.. oops, I forgot! And I’m heartbroken over it! What? That is neglect! And when a parent says, I forgot to take my child to daycare and left him in a hot car – costing him his life – that is criminal! Oops, I forgot doesn’t work when a parent harms their child! Accidentally or on purpose! It was his responsibility to remember, his responsibility to protect his child! I still can’t believe so many people signed a petition to get this man out of jail! It’s the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever heard in my life!

  • sandii

    death penalty i say.. what kind of “father” would do that.. this is not a father,, this person is a murderer and should pay the same price murders pay. simple.

  • FaithC

    What kind of a sick psychopath does something like this?
    It seems more than a coincidence that there was a search on his computer about an animal in a hot car and him doing that exact thing with this poor child.

  • Shaeon

    I called this a while ago. I said that they needed to charge parents who left their kids in the car with murder instead of saying, “they suffered enough by losing their child.”…. I said years ago that some people would view it as a way to kill their child and get away with it. Too bad for this precious boy that no one ever listens to me. If people actually did get charged for their kids dying in hot cars, this boy would still be alive….

  • Amy Beck

    so sad words can not describe how awful this is, the law needs to do something to people who do this, I have actually seen this at Wal-Mart before and I went to customer service and reported it and they went on the speaker and said whoever left their two children unattended in 90degree weather in their car please go get them the police just got called and sure enough some guy looks around 30 or so came flying out but little did he know the police was already out there waiting on him but he let him go without even giving him a ticket or anything my point is the police need to make this a law to be followed, so no one else has to die. especially the innocent all he knew was to cry to get someone attention and no one was there to help him and that makes me so angry inside that man deserves everything and more that sweet little boy had to be put threw.

  • Carrie

    I just cannot understand this. If a young parent is that overwhelmed, the least he could have done is relinquish the child in Foster Care. That sounds terrible, but 10 times better than this poor baby suffering the way he did, and dying. I just think of all the people in this world , who would love to have a child of their own, and cannot. The image of that little boy has been with me since I read this story. Very sad.

  • Bobby Wiseman

    …My son was 2. In was in Bradlee’s @ 10:00am. He was walking. Inside the store I let go of his hand, for just a moment to search thru some clearance on the rank. Just moments! A couple of seconds! I found an item, looked down for my son, and he was missing! I alerted Bradlee’s. As we investigating the immediate location, I heard my son with the “Tee-Hee laugh coming from the clearance rank. He centered him self nearest to the pole of the clearance rank. And me, I was sweating out bullets. (The dad is responsible for the death of his son, mainly, because he was irresponsible in maintaining his son’s life)

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