Dog owner confronts police after his dog was shot to death by officer

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SALT LAKE CITY — Sean Kendall came home last Wednesday to find his 2-year-old Weimaraner, Geist, shot dead in the head.

Warning: Some content in this video may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Kendall returned home and confronted police about the incident.

“I’m asking why you guys went on my property and why he felt the need to kill my dog,” Kendall asked police

“He entered the yard looking for a lost child. He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets,” Sgt. Spear of Salt Lake Police Department.

He posted video of the interaction on his Facebook page.

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  • some one that knows

    To aA Simple Man. You being an officer are absolutely incorrect. That officer did not have exigent circumstances. The officer did not see the child running into this guys fenced in back yard. The dog was properly contained. There was no cries of help coming from the yard. The officer was clearly trespassing on this guys property. You need a warrant to enter someones house or fenced property end of story. As for the idiot claiming thay the guy could have gone to jail for wire taping. Federal law stated thay you can audio and video tape on your own property. As clearly shown in the video, these officers were clearly on this guys property. This is a clear case of abuse of power. This cop should be fired and arrested for tresspassing, unlawful discharge of a firearm near a residence, and fleaing the scene.

    • A Simple Man

      Obviously you aren’t someone who knows. The fact that the child was missing in the vicinity and could be in imminent danger if not located is exigent circumstances. There didn’t need to be cries for help to constitute exigent circumstances. That allows entry with no warrant. The child may have been injured and unable to cry out or too scared. Furthermore the officer has a right to defend himself if he believed the dog e was going to attack.the officer was in the right. There was just a tragic outcome.

  • CulpepperToday

    Overzealous police + poor training = dead citizens/or their beloved animals.

    When will we wake up and stop this unbelievable abuse of power that is getting more out of control every day?

    The police did not have to kill this man’s best friend…they could have retreated. It’s sad that this cops get away with murdering animals in our own homes.

    Wake up America!

    Prosecute these officers and take away their ability to kill any more animals or citizens.

  • DonateToOurFamily

    He asks why couldn’t the officer just back down, and the answer is quite simple. Because most police departments any more have lost their purpose in a supposed “civilized” society. Instead of being “civil servants” they are just bullying stormtroopers, and they really do believe they are above the law.

    Stories like this where average law abiding citizens are victimized by these thugs are all too common place any more, its almost daily where you hear of these kind of happenings. As every second of every day goes on, they are creating more of an “us vs. them” mindset, and they are only losing more and more respect with these kinds of nonsensical situations. Decades ago it was the rebellious types or the criminal element that was “against” the police….but now common every day folks are SICK TO DEATH of these heavy handed bullies having their way and abusing their badges.

    Notice how this is in tranquil suburbia, not some ghetto or war zone….but because some emotionally stunted punk with a fragile ego abuses his power, yet another layer of common sense is gone from the equation. Why is it that it seems like the longer time goes on, we are encountering more PIGS and less legitimate “police officers” that actually want to help society instead of playing pseudo tough guy games? The system is broken, the world is getting more backwards by the minute….we as a society need to take back our streets and quit letting these ponderous little punks trample over a decent community as well common sense and sanity.

    I hope this guys sues the city and makes a fortune….good luck and godspeed to you Mr. Kendall.

  • Thomas Noell

    Just another reason why I don’t shed any tears when one of these “heroes” dies in the line of duty….like that pig Willingham from the WSPD that burned alive (and hopefully, conscious) after his crash a few years back….its called justice!

    • Lindsey Garber

      Wow. Ignorance at its finest. I think that what the officer did was waaaay wrong, but the things you just said make me sick. You cannot generalize people like that. Not ALL cops are bad. You’re disgusting.

      • Brad

        What a pathetic excuse to make. If you haven’t been paying any attention a majority of the news now days is out of control cops shooting first killing innocent animals and people.

      • Justsaying

        @Brad. And yet, out of all the millions of interactions with police nation wide daily, you only hear of a negative one every few days…and never of a positive one. This couldn’t be the result of an “unbiased” main stream media whose sole purpose is to get viewers to their site, could it? They would never think of providing only a portion of the “facts” to get you pissed off enough to keep viewing…..Never.

    • Laurie

      Don’t sink to anyone elses level. If you rejoice in the suffering of others….it makes you just as accountable for you’re actions…….just as guilty……no better than them…..don’t let anyone harden your heart

    • Sunny

      As a family member of several police officer (one who was seriously injured in the line of duty locally), I’m floored by your comment. Yes, there are bad cops, just like there are bad people in every profession. What you commented simply shows just how you have no soul or compassion whatsoever. I certainly hope you never have to call for help….keep in mind that the police that respond to help you are willing to give THEIR life to save YOURS. That’s what’s a shame.

      • james

        Yeah cause they get paid for it. I’d risk my life everyday of every second if I was getting good checks too. But again not all cops are bad. But just like the rest if the world there are bad people in everywhere.

      • Clay

        Cops sign up knowing the job, that is why they get a paycheck. They public servants. No more / no less.

        Your comment about hoping that you never need to call for help is very disturbing coming from a person in a law enforcement family. The police have to respond, they have choice unless they quit there job. Which a lot of them quitting would be a good thing.

        Police respect the citizens but the police earn the citizens respect. That doesn’t seem to happening nation wide.

      • Adam

        They can all die I would never call the cop for help there useless
        Cops are just the governments gang

    • Martha

      No human is a pig, they have spirts, and animals don’t! Shame on you, if there were no law officers your most likley not still be around! Idiot!

      • james

        PSH of course humans are pigs. Just because we have souls doesn’t mean anything. We are all greedy, selfish, and hateful in someway. But not animals. They kill and take what they need to survive. Not humans, we take, take, take even when we don’t need it.

      • theunsilentmajority

        Animals don’t have spirits huh? What kind of Christian mumbo jumbo is that?!? How the fuck would you know?!? Dogs have more humanity than humans ever could! We have waaayyyy more to learn from dogs than they do from us!!! Humans wage war, promote hate and violence, kill, destroy, and pollute the very planet that gives us life. EVER life on this planet has significance! EVER life has a purpose. Without animals and other forms of life we wouldn’t exist!!! Stop thinking just because we are the most intelligent life on this planet, thathe our lives take precedence overy other life!

    • Jake Hewitt

      The next time you are being held at gun point or being robbed you better not call these “pigs” for help. You dont deserve it. Saying that they deserve to die is so horrible i cant even comprehend it. You arent even human.

  • david

    if i was this guy and home when this cop was in my yard without my permission when he shot the dog i would of shot him

  • steve

    Enter a burning house and try and help. But injure a person in process gets you sued. So it is still illegal.

  • Marian

    I believe as it was stated that the officer could have backed out if upon entering ha didn’t see or hear a child and thought he was in danger.

  • Barbara Fuquay


  • Matt Manhorne

    Most cops look for any excuse to be able to draw their weapon and kill something, anything….This is what you get with “US Vs. Them” attitude that is instilled in them during training. I do not care what most cops say. They see the public as the enemy and are not there to help you. They are only there to satisfy their own narcissistic and sadistic need for power and control over others……Just look at how they are smiling and belittling this man. Does this look like individuals who are concerned with the welfare of a citizen?

    • Jake Hewitt

      “most cops”? Um, no. The only reason you see these videos is because thats what gets the viewers attention. Hundreds of thousands of cops everyday are doing AMAZING things to help the people that they care about but they get ZERO recognition. You are just another victim of bias news media

  • Mackie

    FIRE HIM! Hes a trigger happy cop and we don’t need bad police offices like him… This is so very, very sad for the dog owner. The dog was his family….

  • Me,Myself and I

    Everyone should call the department and give their piece of mind about the cop’s horrible actions. I called and talked to the policeman who answered the phone and let him know that the cop should be fired and never to wear a badge again! I am from Richmond, VA and am so upset with this. I feel that many people should either go to the department in person or call them and make their voices heard.

  • John B.

    The officer was attempting to locate a lost child. He was threatened by a dog, in hindsight it may have been a poor choice, but at the time he was looking out for his safety and attempting to help another. Cops don’t go into work hoping they have to use their weapon, and whenever they do, they are forced to in defense of themselves as unfortunate as it may be.

    • Nick Danylyshyn

      uhm yeah your not allowed to go onto private property without a warrant as an officer, even if it is too look for a lost child. He had no probable cause to go into his yard anywyay. Why did the officer think the child was there atall? This is BLATANTLY unconsitutional open your fucking eyes

  • charles

    this is stupid there was really no reason for me to shoot and kill the dog! i can see if you looking for a lost child but i’m sure the fence u could see in it and and see the child wasn’t in there so he wouldn’t need to shoot and kill it.

  • John B.

    And additionally, in an emergency situation a warrant/permission to enter ones property is not needed.

    • Anonymous

      Your a fuckin idiot John B. Of course cops need a warrant and/or permission to enter private property… Unless he hears gunshots or sees someone pointing a gun out the window it is completely illegal for cops to enter private property without said warrant or permission. How can you not know your own rights?

  • E-Rock

    What about the less than lethal option, officers use it for people everyday, why not animals???, clearly animal control was there, all that training, and we just don’t think sometimes, sooo sad!!!!

  • Justsaying

    Lots of angry people commenting about something they weren’t involved in. Yes, the cop had every right to be in the yard. There is no warrant needed during exigenent circumstances as simpleman and others have stated. Looking for a lost young child who disappeared from the area could be considered exigency. I understand why the dog owner is upset and, as a dog owner, I would be as well. We live in an imperfect world and everything doesn’t always work out perfect during high stress incidents. But hating all cops because of a bad situation involving a split second decision, threatening to kill them, and calling one a pig who suffered a horrible death in a tragic car accident seriously calls into question the mental state of some of the commenters. Tell me again? Who is fostering the “us vs them” mentality?

  • Deltarose

    Once again heartless, conscienceless holier than thou “public servants” who feel they have the right to do anything they like. They should be required to find out if there is a pet at a home they are going to and call ahead. Not an once of sorry coming from them, sorry sacks of crap, curses on any officer with cruel heart shoots an animal or person. Now days, the way the BO administration hires criminals, I wouldn’t doubt if one looked into the back ground of cops, you’ll find their bad guys! I think that cop is to stupid to be a cop! With a gate like that wouldn’t you assume there might be a dog in there?

  • Me,Myself and I

    Most people would have backed out of the yard and left without incident! This was uncalled for and it will continue if the cop isn’t punished!

  • doglover

    He had options; he could have asked the dog to remain calm, he could have cuffed the dog, or even simply pistol whipped the dog into submission. I’m sorry for my lack of compassion, but I will always place human life over that of an animal. I don’t know all of the circumstance, but I think it’s quite possible the police officer was doing the same.

  • Victor

    So the pig felt threatened by the dog so he killed it? I think people should feel threaten by pigs.

  • darkside

    if a cop shoots my dog i will shoot the cop i don care if i go to jail or get shot myself..they get away with too much…..

  • Love animals

    I have called the Salt Lake City Police Department and shared my concerns with a dispatch officer and a voice mail specifically set up for those who are very upset about the killing of a dog by the cop. The phone number is: 1-801-535-6061.

  • llw

    The sad thing here is you only see a video after the facts of the incident. Split decisions are made daily by police. Someone said they do it for the money. I can tell you the work is much greater than the salary they receive. You get one-sided information and the general public jumps to degrading decisions. Facts, make sure you know everything before jumping to conclusions. I would hate to be on trial with people making such statements here when they only see what was recorded for the purpose of creating an uproar. Sad that the dog was killed because he could have maced the dog or have animal control tranquilize the dog. However, commenting so cruelly about something until you know the whole story is rather disturbing also. No one is perfect and in life things never turn out to be sunshine and roses.

  • Jeff P

    If it were my dog on private property behind closed doors, badge or not I would have killed that man. The officer was threatened by my dog so he pulled his firearm and shot, well I was threatened by the officer who pulled a firearm upon my family while trespassing illegally without a warrant. And for those of you saying a warrant is not needed b for an emergency such as a missing child, what if there was someone running from the police in your area does that give the police a right to search premises? Many of you this sure why not I have nothing to hide, but no it does not give them the right regardless if you are clean or dirty it is ILLEGAL to enter private property that means a dwelling or land owned without a permit. Sue the shit out of that department and get that heartless piece of **** fire!

    • dean

      Totally agree!!!
      Nice to see theres others thint the same as I do.
      Cops get away with to much bs and they also don’t do there fucking job half of the time.
      In addition there was 10 other ways that could have went instead of killing the dog.
      My property my house is my castle/compound.
      Step foot on it with out being invited at night you get shot at. Shoot anything on my property and I shoot to kill and whoever is with that person. Cop or no cop.

  • cat

    perhaps the cowardly cop that shot the dog should have been there to explain what happened and apologise to the dogs owner for what he had done,,, I think the fact he was not there to explain made the whole situation worse,,, it seems from the video that there was a distance between the cop and the dog so I don’t see why the cop couldn’t have just backed out and left,, I feel sorry for the officers that were there who had to cope with the situation after the coward had left,, and I feel for the dog’s owner, something needs to be sorted about cops shooting dogs dead, especially on the dog’s own property(so to speak),,, I’m glad that carrying guns is not something that is common here in England, both on the part of the cops and the public

  • Howard

    I find it amazing that so many of you reach conclusions without hearing from
    the officer that shot the dog or even from a witness to the event. I hope you’re never picked for jury duty.

  • Mwatts

    I think we are missing the bigger picture. Here are the facts, we have a set of parents who can not keep track of their “missing” child, therefore sending the police on a goose-chase, spending thousands of tax payer dollars and officer’s time looking for said “missing children”. Why haven’t the parents been charged with neglect? Next, we have a trigger happy officer. This breed of dog is known for its demeanor, and it is not an aggressive breed. Then you have the two other arrogant officers standing on the side lines. A TRIFECTA OF STUPIDITY. The parents should be charged, then made to pay for all the money spent due to their negligence and then they should, along with the officer be forced pay for a proper memorial for Mr. Kendall’s dog. The officer then should be suspended and mandated to do community service; at the local animal shelter.

  • hate pigs

    My comment is to “doglover”… hopefully if you ever get shot, it’s inbetween the eyes.

  • Bob

    That fat cop should lose his badge, firing a shot at the dog should have been his absolute last resort

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