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Bed bugs, scabies, fleas among violations found at Heritage House in Greensboro

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police, housing inspectors and health officials responded to troubled Heritage House condominium building Wednesday morning, searching for signs of unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

They found bed bugs. Scabies. Fleas.

Broken windows. Broken elevators. Animal waste on the floors. Food stuck to walls.

Officials did not condemn a single unit — despite pleas from some residents and family members to shut the place down, according to the News & Record. 

They found numerous violations in many units but none serious enough to condemn them.

The sweep surprised residents of the condo units, which are tucked into a section of West Meadowview Road, near Randleman Road.

The event was highly orchestrated and tightly controlled, bringing 50 or more officials and volunteers to the condos.

Representatives were there from emergency services; state and county health departments; animal control; Child Protective Services.

The police brought a mobile command unit and three crime scene investigation vehicles, though officers said this wasn’t an active crime scene.

Last week, Councilman Mike Barber urged the city to help residents find new homes, then condemn the building.

On Wednesday afternoon, District 1 Councilwoman Sharon Hightower led a press conference about the sweep. It was attended by members of the Randleman Road Business Association, some of whom were critical of what they called negative publicity about the neighborhood.

In her comments, Hightower stressed that officials weren’t there to evict people but rather to help them make better choices about their housing.

She stressed that none of the units were condemned Wednesday.

Some agree with Hightower that the building can be saved.

Others say the building is beyond hope.

Read more: News & Record


  • FaithC

    “…Animal waste on the floors. Food stuck to walls.”
    …and who’s fault is that? You mean these people can not clean their walls or walk their animals properly? Maybe if they did some house cleaning daily their would not be a pest infestation.

  • SherryB

    All that and nothing done? Somebody is getting their pockets padded….Nothing but trash lives there and they are the ones who have done this to their own homes…If they get help finding new places to live it will be a repeat situation all over again.. Trashy people don’t take care of their surroundings, they like blaming others to much…

  • Iama Retiree

    Poor “JENNIFER” who recently commented here that she owns 5 units there. She was whining wanting to know who was going to reimburse her if the complex closed – She should have thought about that before “investing” in that place. I hope she and everyone else who owns units there loses every cent they invested – They are in this to make a fast buck and to “hello fuzzy” about the wants and needs of the surrounding neighborhood. I am sure there are people who live there who can’t do any better and this is all they can do (what they must be subjected to on a daily basis) — it is the others who have been allowed in that has created this cesspool of a mess. Way to go, “JENNIFER”.
    I would never want you as an advisor on where to invest my funds. Looks like the City of Greensboro is going to band together on you owners and make you clean up the mess you have created.
    To not have been an “active crime scene”, the City sure thought there was going to be trouble – There sure was a lot of power in that parking lot yesterday —- A nurse making a routine home visit was told by one of the law enforcement officers that this was not a place she should be in – the nurse was shown on TV making the statement and reported she immediately left. From her description of the place, it is a high rise of terror and filth.
    Watch for “JENNIFER’S” reply back on the situation to me .. I am sure it will be quite an eyeful !

    • sinner 3

      While waiting on the Jenn broad to reply to you ,have you given thought of purchasing her units at a deep discount !Maybe buy low insure high !

      • Iama Retiree

        Sorry, “SINNER 3” — I want nothing to do with whining Jennifer nor that horrid place. I love my money too much to invest in that hell-0 hole.

  • sinner 3

    I feel a sudden fire outbreak may cure many problems here and how much of this shthole is at the expense of taxpayers !

  • Unaffiliated Voter

    so, is this a heavily subsidized government plantation where they seek to keep the poor people poor ?
    it’s time to shut down ALL public housing except for the disabled and the elderly.

  • uuugh.

    Yeah great idea guys. Condemn the building. Do you know what happens to a rat colony when it’s habitat is destroyed? The colony moves, spreads, and infests other locations.

  • Sally Sue Jones

    Heritage House needs to be closed down. Where will the occupants go? The only reason it’s still open is because there is nowhere for them to go. It’s Greensboro’s “Gitmo.”

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