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‘B-Daht’ let go as PA announcer at WSSU

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Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin, the public address announcer for football and basketball games at Winston-Salem State for the last 10 years, will not be back this season, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

McLaughlin, a popular morning disc jockey at WJMH-FM’s 102 JAMZ in Greensboro, caused a firestorm in March when he made anti-gay remarks on Twitter about WSSU student Aaron McCorkle, an openly gay candidate for Mr. WSSU, the school’s equivalent of a homecoming king.

McLaughlin, a 2006 WSSU graduate, said he would resign if McCorkle were elected. McCorkle lost the election.

McLaughlin, who had been the school’s PA announcer since his junior year in 2004, apologized after his comments on Twitter. But last month he received a letter from Tonia Walker, the athletics director at WSSU, informing him that he wasn’t going to be retained.

Kevin Manns, an assistant athletics director at WSSU, said Wednesday in a news release that the school is accepting applicants for public address announcer.

“We are looking for the best person and best fit for the job,” Manns said. “This is the next chapter in athletics. We have a new football coach, a new basketball coach and a new AD, and we are moving on and progressing into a new era.

“We’ll find some good candidates and find that next good voice to help galvanize our fans and to attract a new audience.”

McLaughlin, 34, said by telephone Wednesday he was disappointed but that he also understood why he was not retained.

“I had a situation a few months ago that reflected bad on athletics and I’m sure it weighed heavily on Winston-Salem State, and I’m sure that went into their decision to let me go,” said McLaughlin, who also has a successful career as a comic and is a cast member of “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out,” a series that will air on MTV2 next month.

McLaughlin said he was promoted recently on the morning show on 102 JAMZ and that his schedule is full.

“I’ve been super busy and that’s a good thing,” he said. “I know it’s going to be tough for me not being able to announce, but it is kind of a new era with new coaches and everything. But I wish the school well because I love that school and it’s my alma mater.”

McLaughlin said he looked on his 10 years in the press box at Bowman Gray Stadium and at the Gaines Center for basketball games as a special time.

“I didn’t do it for the money, that’s for sure,’ McLaughlin said. “I know it ended kind of badly, but I’ll always have a love for Winston-Salem State and I think everybody who knows me knows that.”


  • mm

    This guy is a pure clown. as a matter of fact the entire crew of the Wild Out Morning Show in Greensboro as pure idiots. I’m so glad that the WSSU community is not accepting his back. He is a pure low life!

  • Stacey

    i’m glad he’s gone after disrespecting that young man the way he did. What I can’t understand is “WHY” 102 Jamz is not only standing behind him but giving him a promotion? THE BOY IS A JOKE HIMSELF!! I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR HIM WHEN HE MADE THOSE COMMENTS ABOUT THAT YOUNG MAN!!!! That was really uncalled for and disrepectful for to that young mand!! He deserves everything he get EXCEPT that promotion!!

  • Jersey

    About time they ousted this clown. He nothing but trouble who thinks he is big guy in a small world…however, he is a tiny guppy in an ocean full of great whites!

  • rell

    I agree this dude is a clown. In is mind he thinks he is funny and he is the opposite. I they let Kyle go kept this clown I lost so much respect for 102 jams. They use to be about something now the only thing they about is letting good quality people go and bring in jerks and fools.

    • Humpty Dumpty

      Here we go again….never their ‘own’ fault…lol. Such a waste to society you are…your momma should have been taken the extra $50 from the milkman and swallowed!

      • sinner 3

        So rump humper if I don’t care about the geys I should be fired for it ? what a fvcked up attitude you have I would not expect you to be fired just because you bite the pillow !

  • Bri

    I am disgusted and appalled that this is how people in general react. I for one think that its over and done with B Daht made a mistake he was reprimanded and it is what it is. So what if he got a promotion at his other job. Why would he get reprimanded from a job that had nothing to do with the other job. We all make mistakes and I believe that he is learning from his mistake.

  • The average joe

    He is god awful on the radio making some dumb sounds. If 102 jamz were smart they would fire him also. He just another one of those people you can’t see…… at night

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