Proposed bill would require mopeds to be registered, titled

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina legislators are currently deciding on a bill that would require moped riders to register and title their moped and possibly purchase insurance coverage.

The bill is meant to provide assistance to law enforcement in case of an accident or if a moped was used in a crime.

Owner of Select Cycle John Hill is a member of the N.C. Motorcycle Dealers Association and said that the registry is understandable and something the association has been striving towards for years, but insurance coverage isn't reasonable for the average moped customer.

"We're definitively against that. It’s going to really impact our customers and is going to stick us with a lot of inventory that no one will wish to buy," Hill said. "If it's an electric assist motor it's classified as a moped and that means you are going to have to have an insurance license tag on a bicycle if it has an electric assist at all."

If the bill passes the law would go into effect July 1, 2015.

Hill said that registry would cost about $15 to $22 but depending on the drivers record, insurance could be $65 to $1,000.


  • FaithC

    Most people drive these because they can’t afford anything else or their driving record is so bad they can not afford insurance.
    Do you need to have a drivers license to drive one of these, if not can you get insurance without one?

    • Aaron

      Why don’t you google the topic and find the answers, verses looking like a fool here? These are targeted 100% to individuals with no license due to DUI. They should ALL be taxed and titled, no questions.

  • Bo Diddley

    This is gonna hit lexington pretty hard. Most of the residents drive scooters because they are poor, dumb or are on drugs.

    • Robin Yarborough

      Hey Bo. Lexington where exactly. ? Mopeds are going green as they say right. ? Everyone with $15,000.00 in cash to buy a car. Raise your hand. :)

      • Aaron

        $15000 cash?? My car was $800, I drive it 45 miles daily. If you shake off that laziness, you too can dig for a good deal.

  • svtcbra96

    They SHOULD have insurance….. This about this, youre driving your car, minding your business and a moped hits YOU… Guess who pays for the damage…. YOU!

  • Ghost

    The fact that people who lost their license because of DUI violations are allowed to drive these things are the only reason they are on the road. Nowhere else that I have lived has these traffic hazards infecting the roads. They should have been required to register and insure them from day one and at this point NC should be looking to take this transportation option away from the irresponsible drunks that drive them. Use public transportation or find a ride like other offenders are required in other, reasonable states. Make it difficult on them instead of giving them another option and maybe they will learn their lesson. Leave the scooters to the kids and eccentrics.

  • NobodyAtAll

    It’s all about $.. Maybe bicycles, skateboards, strollers, wheelchairs, roller skates and baby carriages will be next..They all have wheels so it’s just a matter of time..

  • Chevrolet10

    It may have an effect on safety, the added costs of operating a moped will likely cause many people to stop riding them, and less mopeds on the road mean less moped accidents. Registration, insurance, etc wont change the rate of accidents. Everyone ignores the fact that the majority of the safety problems with mopeds (and motorcycles and bicycles) are that most automobile drivers have a problem paying attention to other vehicles on the road, or are simply traveling to fast. Sure there are accidents caused by idiots on mopeds, same as with cars or anything else. Think about all the people that get hit by people without car insurance or people driving drunk. As for the risk of hitting/being hit by an uninsured moped, I imagine you’re much more likely to be involved in an accident with deer which cause millions of dollars in damages to vehicles in NC each year. Look at all the accidents involving farm equipment, if you can’t see a huge tractor on the road you probably shouldn’t be driving. People seem to forget that roads weren’t built for cars,and all those other vehicles have just as much right to use them as automobiles. Pay attention, drive at a reasonable rate of speed, and stop running into things. They’ll prevent damage to that precious automobile you care so much about, and might even save a few peoples lives in the process.

    • Holland Shoaf

      The majority of the safety problems with moped operators are the statistics. 40 % of all moped accidents involve moped operators that are intoxicated ! Bicycles and mopeds CANT do the speed limit forcing cars to go around them in unsafe places and cause accidents. That or follow these moped for miles in a no passing zone . Not fair to those who pay insurance and those responsible enough TO HAVE KEPT THEIR DRIVERS LICENSE !

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