Outrage over NC Rep. Stam comparing homosexuality to pedophilia

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Some lawmakers are still outraged over comments made by Rep. Paul Stam Tuesday, comparing homosexuality with pedophilia.

The comments came during a debate between lawmakers over a proposal to ban charter schools from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Stam handed out a two-page list of definitions of sexual orientation, comparing it to incest and pedophilia among other things.

Rep. Marcus Brandon (D) for Guilford County is openly gay and says Stam's comments were painful.

"It's hurtful that you would compare me personally to a pedophile," Brandon said.

Brandon says the comparison of homosexuality to pedophilia proves why lawmakers need to change the charter school amendment.

"There are people like Representative Stam that are still out there that will discriminate people based on ignorance like thinking that they're a pedophile because they're homosexual," he said.

Stam was unavailable for comment Wednesday but released a statement saying he wanted a clearer definition of sexual orientation.

"We're going to define sexual orientation for him," Brandon said.

Brandon plans on bringing the amendment which was tabled back to the floor with the definition of sexual orientation included.

Brandon says the amendment is about more than just words.

"Regardless of our personal feelings, our job is to make sure that every child has equal opportunity and equal access," he said.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    I can’t wait until Marcus Brandon Defines his Version of Sexual Orientation, we’ll see how he interprets his side of the spectrum, I’m sure he will actually believe his Version is the True one & no one Else can have a different definition since he evidently is claiming he’s an expert on the subject but whatever happens, America is a FREE country & last time I looked a person can interpret Sexual Orientation the way he/she sees fit, so Rep. Paul Stam has his Version & Marcus Brandon has theirs & which ever is the right one is up to Each Individual to believe what they want to believe & as far as Outrage goes, some people get outraged over NOTHING these days & make a Mountain out of a Mole hill if you get my drift!!!

  • Stoney Cagle

    II a Pole Smoker is offended by being a Pole smoker then it is his problem, not the hetro.

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