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Heritage Home undergoes full-scale inspection

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A building-wide inspection of the Heritage House in Greensboro on Wednesday found several problems but nothing that would shut down the building immediately.

Inspectors noted isolated problems like bed bugs and pest issues. There is also widespread damage to the ceiling and electrical infrastructure in the hallways of the building on the first two floors. Residents also complained about two elevators that have been broken for a long time.

City Councilwoman Sharon Hightower said the inspection is an opportunity to catalog issues to implement change.

"What we do today we know will make a difference," said Hightower.

The inspection of 177 units took months to plan but came at a time when many residents are aware that some members of city council would like to find a way to shut down the Heritage House.

"It's very worrisome and I'm just wondering what to do," said Michael Hunt, who has lived there for two years. "I'm hoping they can clean the place up but, at the same time, I still need a place to live."

Hunt said the apartment he rents is the only thing he can afford on a fixed income because the cost of utilities is included in the rent.

Hightower said the findings may require some people to find a new place to live but she said the city is committed to using community partnerships to help residents if their home is deemed unlivable.

"It has been a concern of this community for many years but we have gone in to address it and create a permanent fix," said Hightower.

A similar full-scale inspection was done in 2012. Neighborhood Development Director Barbara Harris said since that inspection, an inspector has been back every 45 days to deal with ongoing issues or new complaints that arise.

Hightower did not criticize the department for past efforts but said this effort will create change.

Hightower said legal action against Heritage Home condo owners is a possibility.



  • Keep em huddled.

    I pray this place doesn’t get closed down. Why? Because the tenants will end up living in the next cheapest thing: student housing. And I’m tired of having to check my car and house doors twice. And I need to oil the self defence armaments.

  • ms who......

    “Inspection”???? Really? ??
    There was about 15 police cars , motorcycle police , mobile command center , CSI van , etc. on site for HOURS. ….. what kind of health and safety type inspection is that?

    • Iama Retiree

      They want to close the place down – The Police Dept is making an average of 8 calls a day to that place. I saw the same thing you did and agree, why was so much police presence needed to make an inspection?. Tells me the police were summoned to be able to make that inspection – They really pulled out the stops with this one. The City is going to do anything to get this cesspool of crime shut down. I hope they do for it is not safe to go in that area anymore. I will only go to the Post Office to check my mail during the day. I really fear for that nursing home that is backed up to that place. Several people have been mugged at night after visiting at that nursing home as they went to get in their cars.

  • Iama Retiree

    @ JENNIFER – “supposedly” owns 5 units in that building — Read and weep – Your investment sure is not paying off ! No need to whine to the City reimbursing you when they close this place.. It will be good riddance — Several years ago, there were 2 motels within distance of Heritage House and City had to ultimately come in and condemn because so much crime came out of them — Same with Heritage House — It is just a matter of time before the City comes after the owners of this place !

    • Jennifer

      @IAMA RETIREE, I have already made my money and then some. The most I paid was 12,000 for one unit. The others I bought at a foreclosure sale. I am an attorney and own numerous properties in the triad. I think you must be jealous because others are making money as landlords.

      • Iama Retiree

        The telling words are right here in your statement “I have already made my money and then some”. What a first-class jerk – As far as you being an attorney, I do not believe that for a moment – you just want everyone to think you are important – The only importance you are is “IF” you do own units in that hole, you are a first-class jerk. Are you related to the Agapion clan ? It’s folks like you who do so much harm to the community — only to make a fast buck !

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