Dad who lost daughters in DWI crash working to make interlock laws tougher

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- A proposed bill would toughen North Carolina's drinking and driving laws. A dad in Rockingham County is working with state lawmakers to help make sure no family goes through what he's gone through.

Kevin London lost both of his daughters in one night to a drunk driver. Taylor was 23 years old and Meredith was 18 years old. Almost two years ago the sisters were riding with a friend in Eden. Police say the driver of the car had been drinking and that's what caused her to crash into a tree, killing Taylor and Meredith.

"To get what everybody has always heard, that doorbell ring -- it’s devastating," explains London. London's pain is now part of his passion. He is doing whatever he can to help end drunk driving.

Currently if a driver is convicted with a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher they are required to get an interlock ignition and restricted driving privileges. An interlock ignition is a Breathalyzer device that is installed in a car. A proposed bill wants the limit to be lowered to .08, which covers anyone convicted of a DWI.

"I think it’s a step in the right direction, to help make a statement, to say we’re not going to allow this," says London.

This dad holds on tight to the memories and he's made it his mission to help other families have more time together. "It completely changed my life. I feel like I can’t let it happen to someone else," says London.

The driver of the car, Taylor White was charged with a DWI.

The proposed bill is in the committee.


  • FaithC

    I agree with this man. If you are convicted of a DWI you should have to use an interlock ignition system. Your driving should also be restricted to work or school and back and nothing else and only if nobody was hurt. If you caused a crash then you should do jail time, If you are caught driving a car without this system, jail time, if you are caught with a second DWI, once again jail time. The punishment for DWI needs to be much harsher.
    …and before haters start, no I have never driven drunk, not once.

  • Diana

    Sadly those girls made the poor choice to get in car with someone who was drinking, they were not forced to get in the car with the driver, seems to me like the parents should have taught their daughters to have better sense than to ride with someone who was drinking.

  • Anon

    I feel for the dad but stiffening the DWI penalties isn’t going to stop this kind of thing from happening. People who want to drink and drive are still going to find a way to do so. And it’s not the .08s you need to worry about. It’s the people blowing .25s who are out driving around and even more so the ones who are high on pills. The only thing this will accomplish is making interlock companies rich.

  • paige bailey

    I agree with this man, a drunk driver killed my nine year old granddaughter and almost killed her dad my son. They were on their way home from Church and were sitting at a stop sign. He also killed the drunk that was riding with him. The law always seems to protect the criminal rather the victim because they could not check his alcohol level till they got a court order. The District attorney even told us that if it went to trial that many on the jury would feel sorry for the drunk and not find him guilty but He charge him with second degree murder but he plea bargained and got 10 years, What is 10 years compared to 2 lives.. Taylor was a beautiful little girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair. I know that she is in Heaven and one day we will see her again but our hearts are broken. If you have money you can buy your way out of all kinds of trouble and people need to watch what they say because the police just might knock on your door one day and say that someone precious to you has been killed by a drunk driver.

  • Unknown

    Sadly we also need to stricken the laws for underage drinking and those that buy the alcohol. I have no idea who bought this alcohol for these girls, but all the girls had been drinking, and only one was of age. I think that message we could send as well. We should not buy alcohol for our friends just because we can. I think all of these girls made bad choices this night, not just the driver. So many things could have been done differently that would have saved three lives, becaues yes one is alive, but the pain she carries.

  • Molly

    Wow, Diana. Seems like your parents should have taught you to shut the f up and not judge others. These are adult girls who made their own decision, regardless of what their parents taught them. That is what we do. We still have our parents voices in our heads, but, sometimes, we still do something even if we know it is wrong. Now I am sure your sweet little self does everything your perfect mother taught you and you would NEVER mess up. That is great for you and I am happy for you, but maybe you should spend time working on how to correctly write sentences and use correct writing mechanics. Oh wait – must be your parents fault for not teaching you those things.

    • Jim

      Molly. I will pray for you and your insensitive remarks. I will also pray that you also learn proper grammar before calling out someone else. There is a movie line that I think of when I read your post – “stupid is as stupid does”.

  • John Smith

    Unfortunately it is still socially acceptable to kill others as long as it is by drunk driving.

  • B

    Won’t work if someone is on drugs. There are more people driving while under the influence of prescription drugs than alcohol. Make DWI a felony if you want to get serious about reducing fatalities. First offenders should have to serve a jail sentence. It’s not just an accident when you’re driving impaired.

  • Ree

    He neglects to mention that both his daughters drank like fish. Before he took down their Facebook pages, everyone could see that there were dozens of pictures of them drinking in all kinds of locations. Is he deluded enough to think neither of them ever drove on their all-night binges?

    • B

      Not once does Kevin London ever mention that his he or his daughters are saints. And not once did Kevin London try to shift blame onto anyone for his daughter’s deaths. This article isn’t about trying to chastise the driver in the accident that killed his daughters, but to try everything he can to prevent it to happening to another family.

    • BM

      How dare you bash their name in this way when they are clearly not here to defend themselves! I was and will always be one of Taylor’s best friends and I am very offended by your comment. Taylor was 23 at the time of the accident, two years ABOVE the legal drinking age, in fact. So, if she chose to “drink like a fish” (which she didn’t) then that was her prerogative. At the time of the accident Taylor was in the back seat of the car (obviously not driving) and her sister, Meredith was riding in the passenger seat. Meredith had NOT had a sip of alcohol. Yes, it was a poor choice to get in the car with someone who had been drinking– but we all make mistakes. Taylor and Meredith are now paying the ultimate price for their mistake, death.

      Matthew 7:2 “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”

      • KC

        It is sad to read these comments!! Kevin London is trying to save the lives of others that could save potential victims to drunk driving! Instead of bashing young girls that lost their lives and aren’t here to defend themselves, people should look at the positives Kevin is trying to bring from a horrible situation.

  • Ellen Garrard

    The interlock ignition is a good idea. The thing is, in cases like this one, it would not help. This was a young, underage drinker who was driving this car. In a case such as this, the driver would not have a prior conviction, therefore, they would not have an interlock ignition system on their car.

  • Matthew Corcoran

    I understand his grief and heartache. But honestly, move on.
    I’m willing to bet that father at some point drive around plastered and f***ed up like nothing else, even if he won’t touch alcohol now. People make mistakes, and life can be as finite as the sky, or as short as a breath.
    I’d say if he wants to encourage further progress with the interlocks, then he needs to have one in each and every vehicle he owns, and then realize what he’s asking to be put onto others

  • Unknown

    This was a terrible situation all together. All 3 drank and 1 was chosen to drive. Seat belts were not worn and that’s not the drivers fault, she couldn’t force them to wear them. They were all in the wrong but only one person is left to take all of the blame. I feel horrible for the London’s but the White’s have to deal with this loss too as Meredith nearly lived with them. Drinking and driving is wrong but with no prior DWI, this would not have helped this situation. I admire what Kevin is trying to do but I think it is wrong to always talk so ill of the driver. Both

    • B

      Actually, all three girls weren’t drinking that night. And, two were wearing seatbelts, one of whom passed away. It is probably wise to do your research before posting to a public forum. Also, never once did i read or hear in this article that Kevin London was blaming Taylor White for what happened to his daughters. Therefore, Kevin wasn’t “speaking ill” of her. What is IS trying to do, however, is work prevent this from happening to anyone and their families ever again, including victims AND perpetrators, which is commendable. And for the record, while Taylor White is left to “take the blame”, the other girls are paying the ultimate price for their wrong decisions, death.

      • BM

        I could not agree with you more!!! I am not sure where people are getting all of this “information”..

      • .

        Then clearly the one who did NOT drink should have been driving and the other person SHOULD have been wearing a seatbelt. No one said that Kevin was blaming Taylor but other people leaving comments are saying things. Taylor and Meredith did pay the ultimate price but imagine having to live with this as well. Like it was said above, it’s a horrible situation.

  • Mary Jane Perdue

    To all you Jack***** who think that Kevin London is doing this for publicity or attention, you are dead wrong! This man lost two daughters, who definately made the wrong choice, but he is a father who is trying to prevent this from happening to another family. This is a tragedy that affected not only Kevin but the entire family and the community. If him going on the news to try and encourage the interlock ignition and bring awareness to drunk driving is wrong then you guys need a reality check. Yes, he probably did drink when he was younger, as alot of teens, will do but that DOES NOT make what he is doing now any less important. Yes, this is a free country and you are all entitled to your opinions but Kevin is doing what he feels is right to help others. And, if you don’t have the courage to put your name on your comments, then you need to keep them to yourself!

  • KK

    As a close friend of Taylor’s, I find it appalling that some people find it rewarding to come online and post insensitive remarks about Taylor, Meredith, and their father. This accident was terrible and caused many people heartache and sorrow. Slandering their name will not change the fact that they are gone. Their father feels the need to bring this terrible pr

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