Soldier surprises wife in hospital during birth of their child

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EMGISVILLE, Pa. -- A soldier surprised his wife at the hospital during the birth of their child, according to a report from WPMT.

“He was like, ‘I wish I could be there’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, me too,” Jena Kunkel said.

U.S. Army Soldier Joseph Kunkel was closer than she thought.

“I actually had told them that I needed to see the anesthesiologist again because the pain was just completely unbearable at that point,” Jena recalled.

The nurses sent in a "new anesthesiologist." It was Kunkel.

Kunkel's military uniform was covered up with blue hospital scrubs and he was wearing a mask over his mouth. After a few moments, Jena realized it was him.

Three hours later, she gave birth to Ryleigh Mae.

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