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Jamberry nail wraps put to the Deal or Dud test

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Summer is finally here and a lot of moms want great looking nails that will hold up to the long days at the pool with their kids.

That's what this Deal or Dud product promises. FOX8's Melissa Painter puts Jamberry nail wraps to the Deal or Dud test.


  • Jan

    Just the problem.. one time it may be a deal and the next the wraps might be a Dud! They tend to wrinkle and buckle and many have ruined nails after wearing them and trying to remove them. They offer lots of different application methods, if the instructions on the envelope or Jamberry video doesn’t work for you, so that you keep trying different methods instead of getting your money refunded. Buyer beware, in my opinion. Also, and I have no idea if this was the case, but it would be simple for these ladies to have replaced peeling, buckling, and rippling wraps during those two weeks. Unless this test was done with a 24 hour a day controlled environment then it may not be accurate. I have two years experience with Jamberry wraps and just want the consumer to be aware of possible, if not likely, pitfalls of Jamberry nail wraps. At a cost of $15.00 for a sheet of wraps, and$15.00 per bottle of their nail polish I do not think it is worth it. Here is another woman’s review..

    • AnnaJoy

      I appreciate you bringing up that Jamberry nails may not work for everyone. You are right–this was not a controlled scientific experiment. It would be shoddy reporting if women replaced wraps halfway through their challenge and did not specify that. I would hope and think the reporting and the story is clear and above board. The story certainly rings true with my own experience!

      No one’s nails are the same, and no one product will work for everyone, unfortunately. Polish never lasted for me. Gel nails and acrylics were easy to get done at a salon (if I had the money), but they ruined my nails. Jamberry nails are inexpensive in comparison ($15=2 manis, 2 pedis, & multiple accents), and with good removal techniques, Jamberry wraps leave my nails much more healthy!

      Differences in nail beds and experiences are why I always recommend customers try sample wraps before buying, and why, as a consultant, it’s very important to me to cultivate personal relationships with my customers. I don’t want them leaving a party or getting their wraps without an understanding of good nail care! Once women learn good application techniques, and *especially* good removal techniques, they tend to have amazing Jamberry experiences! If their experience is less than amazing, I want to know and do everything in my power to make that experience better. Jamberry does offer a 30-day guarantee if a customer is truly unhappy with their experience.

    • Angie Warner

      If you check the date of that review, it’s from 2012 and that’s when Jamberry was still experimenting with their product. As most people know, the longer the product is around the better it gets. Jamberry has improved their formula greatly and as long as you apply and remove them properly, there is absolutely no nail damage.And with the cost of $15 a sheet, with each sheet giving you at least 2 manis, 2 pedis, plus still have some for accent nails or french tips, you can’t beat that cost! Especially considering they stay on for 2-4 weeks on fingers and 4-6 weeks on toes. Every once in a while, you will run into someone that just can’t wear them, but that’s with any good product. I myself cannot use anything from Mary Kay because of an allergy, but that doesn’t mean the entire line of products are horrible. You have to take in the experience from the majority of people that have used them, not just one person who had a bad experience. These things are wonderful!

  • Jaby

    Jan if you read correctly it does state that the review for the buckling of the nails is in 2012! That is when Jams first started experimenting and launched their product. So as everyone knows every company works out their flaws :) And yes Jamberry has changed their wraps and yes they do work so much better and adhere without buckling. So yes I can say at $5 a mani that is soo worth it. And just to think salons charge triple that amount. I know everyone has an opinion but please state facts before downing a company :)

  • Cathy Frick

    I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant in Lexington, NC & the surrounding areas. If you would like to try FREE samples you can find me on Facebook at “Jamberry By Cathy”. Like my page!! You can host an online party with me where I do all the work you just add your friends & earn your rewards or even join my team.

  • Rachel Austin

    Can you maybe convert this video to youtube, or someway that we can watch it on our mobile devices??

  • Julie C.

    I became a consultant without EVER trying them because 1. I liked the product and wanted to offer it on my website all about nail design and nail care, and 2. I love the idea of pretty nails for those of us who don’t have time to create nail designs but want the look. Sure there might be problems due to application error, but that’s what a knowledgeable consultant is for. Full disclosure…I struggled a bit at first! But I learned how to apply them for ME and now I get to share the product and my experience. They’re inexpensive, fun, and keep getting better. The fun has been the real benefit for me. Summer’s here and now I’m busy with my son, my business…my time is precious and I’d go crazy if I didn’t have “me time” that I really enjoyed. I get that with this product and business.

  • Diana Hancock

    I have been in love with Jamberry before I even tried them. They are beautiful and I receive so many compliments on them every day. I had to sign up to be a consultant, and within a month, was able to pay my electric bill and car payments. Love this company.

    • Verna

      I’m not a consultant but saw a party on Facebook and accepted the invite. I ordered wraps for my daughter and daughter-in-law and also some for myself. I applied my wraps to my toes with absolutely no problem at all. They were easy to apply and stayed on for over a month. I took them off by choice because I wanted to change the look. I love all of the designs and did apply some even without any heat at all, just because I wanted to see them on ASAP, they were personally designed and they are still stuck tight after a week. I love them!

    • The Ram-a-razzi

      I am a consultant myself and these comments make me shake my head. There is a time and a place for advertising but this is not it! Post the video to your FB and promote that way. I can almost guarantee that posting on these comments make people not want to buy from you.

  • Anne

    I’m not a consultant, but I seriously love these! I tried them because as a busy mom I’m lucky to get nail polish to last 12 hours in decent shape, much less perfect condition. I’m really rough on my hands! My first time applying Jamberry wraps I didn’t get a good seal (I have funky nail beds… something that has improved with using Jamberry wraps, by the way) and they still lasted nearly the full 2 weeks. This was through several car washes, washing dishes, kid baths, gardening, using my nails as screw drivers, separating legos, painting and then rinsing brushes and stuff… the list goes on. Like I said, I’m rough on my hands and nails! They are easy to apply, I used the heat from my range top rather than buy their heater. And there was absolutely no damage to my nails when I removed them (whichI did mostly because a couple edges were coming up and I’m a little ocd about that). Well worth the price, I think! Especially since manicures cost as much as a whole sheet of wraps, if you go to a cheapy place. And they can be applied over regular nail polish and they will extend the life of that polish, too. What have you to lose? Seriously!

  • Erica Hernlem Pritchard

    I tried them and don’t like them. They buckled and were sticky on the edges and i kept scraping myself with them. They did not fit right on my nails either. The also don’t have the smooth/shiny finish I am looking for.

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