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Pit bull found in Caswell County may have been used to bait dog fights

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CASWELL COUNTY, N.C. — The Animal Protection Society of Caswell County is sharing a video of what appears to be a pit bull that was abused from being baited in dog fights.

Workers with the Caswell County organization said Mason was found as a stray. They suspect he was used as a “bait dog.”

A woman on the video claims the dog was shot in the ear. She said he appears to have been in fights, judging from scars on his body.

She said the dog will need antibiotics and may have multiple skin infections. Workers want to give the dog a loving home.

Anyone with any information can call 1-877-TIP-HSUS.


  • LindaSue

    When you catch the scum that is using him or others to fight – shoot the people and rescue the dogs.

  • Ronald

    My dogirlfriend went missing awhile back and suspect she was stolen, as other dogs in my area went missing at the same time. If I find em, cops will be called after I get them

  • FaithC

    The people who are responsible for dog fights should be put in a room together and told the last one standing might get a deal. Let them fight to the death. Works for me.

  • Susan DeVilder

    What if it’s not a bait dog? What if it’s a fighting dog? Is that a chance the shelter of Caswell County is really willing to take? Do you really want to put someone at risk on a hunch that it was a bait dog? Don’t they cut the ears off bait dogs? Hope your instincts are correct or someone could get killed.

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