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NC inmate injured after jumping through jail railing

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Crystal Hubbard

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina inmate was injured after officials said she jumped through a second floor railing and crashed onto to the cement below.

WSOC-TV reported that 34-year-old Lincoln County Detention Center inmate Crystal Hubbard was seriously injured Sunday afternoon.

Authorities said the inmate was leaving the shower area when she ran for the railing and jumped through.

Hubbard was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln and was stabilized and airlifted to CMC Main in Charlotte, according to authorities.

Officials said Hubbard had been complaining about being sick and had thrown up earlier in the day. She was reportedly allowed to leave her cell and go to the shower section to clean up. A jail trustee was reportedly on the same floor and Hubbard waited for her to move away.

Hubbard left the shower area and went to where her cell was located, authorities said. Hubbard then turned and allegedly dove between the second and third railings on the walkway to the cement floor below. Authorities said it was about a 20 foot drop.

Hubbard suffered possible head and internal injuries in the fall.

She was arrested Friday afternoon in connection with Operation Play 60, a round-up of suspected drug dealers.


  • Jpm

    ya’ll are the true drain on society, It’s people like you that the world could do without, try having a little compassion for someone, You don’t know her life or her circumstances, You’re worse than the actual criminals, Your scum

    • bella 07

      These people have choices as we all do.You can choose good or bad.I realize that some people have tough times but come on,she did this on purpose.I have plenty of compassion in the right situation.Some of these people are better off not here.They are a waste of space and “scum” as yourself!!!

  • susie

    suspected drug dealer with most likely a drug habit (she looks a lot older than 34); now she gets all the morphine she wants and we get to pay for it – waste of resources

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