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Greensboro city Leaders want to close Heritage House apartment complex

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro Councilman Zack Matheny and other city leaders say enough is enough when it comes to the substandard living conditions and crime at the Heritage House apartment complex on Meadowview Road.

Matheny said under the direction of Councilman Mike Barber, council would like to work with housing agencies to find placement for the residents then shut the complex down.

"I talked with the police chief today and yesterday and he believes it should be condemned or repurposed in some form or fashion," Matheny said. "We wouldn't leave anybody stranded and we would want to make sure everybody is comfortable, but I can tell you right now through inspections and the problems we've had, police are having to come to this place eight times a day on average, nobody's comfortable. So we got to figure something out.”

Last year, more than 2,800 calls for service were made to the Heritage House to Greensboro police and other emergency services.


  • FaithC

    How about dealing with the crime and the criminals. Disbursing them throughout the city will not solve anything. You will just have the crime take place in other parts of the city. Relocating them is not going to all of a sudden make them nice people.

    • Iama Retiree

      What do YOU suggest be done with this place – It is endangering the whole neighborhood in the area – There is a Post Office over there within seeing distance and it is not safe to go there anymore, even in broad open daylight. Not all people that live there are bad — yes, a lot of them, but not all – To waste the police resources and time going there 8 TIMES A DAY is totally ridiculous. Yes, this place should be condemned, shut down, and then torn down !!!! As usual, Faith, you do not know what you are talking about !

  • jennifer

    This is a condo complex, although many units are rented out. I own five units in this building. Is the City of Greensboro going to compensate me for the money I spent?

  • Iama Retiree

    @ Jennifer – If you own 5 units in this building, I would say you are a slum landlord ! – You really made a terrible investment in that place. I say to you, “Tuff shieto when the milk was all gone cried the kitty”. The area is not safe now with this building being there and some of the people who call that place home. It is a drain on the City of Greensboro as well as the surrounding businesses. As far as you being reimbursed — what a joke – I would not give you a penny because it is because of people like you who are out to make a fast buck regardless of where that fast buck comes from. Take a look at the records — something is wrong – the numerous complaints and violations are the telling tale. Afraid you will never win on this SLUM LANDLORD, JENNIFER ! Get a life !

    • jennifer

      This has been a bad area for years! I screen my renters and do not rent to anyone with a felony or serious misdemeanor, such as drugs, robberies or awdw, or domestic issues. My units are clean and safe when I rent them. I can’t control the other owners or tenants!

  • JB

    Jennifer YOU should have thought about your compensation while you and the other owners were letting the building go down the toilet. I’ve been in this building and witnessed fesses on the walls and urine in the elevators. It’s horrid in their. Sweetie you need to hush and learn a lesson to do better the next time you own something.

  • Jersey

    Tear it down and make the people who live there go find a job and support themselves because I see quite a bit of people hanging out around their who are more than able to work, but yet refuse to because they can get the Obama handouts without question! Section 8 housing and all needs to be built in the middle of a field somewhere away from others and let them all figure it out for themselves.

  • sinner 3

    All ways in regard to the G-HOOD ! Find out where the money went and who profits by just burning the place down !

  • Antionette

    You people are funny, not everyone can afford to live the way you do or everyone else in greensboro….. I live in the building….. I also work and go to school im not on section 8 and i dont have obama handouts. The rent is affordable lights and water included…… You cant always go off what you hear on the news…..

    • Jersey

      Why allow yourself to live in filth and deal with crime each and every day numerous times through out the day. Unless your part of the problem, why not ‘rat’ out the dealers and all when they are in or around the building? One bad apple ruins a bunch, but numerous problems will tear down a building! And thats what they need to do to this place.

      • Iama Retiree

        @ Jersey – I agree with you 100% —- That building has got to go — Remember the two motels on Randleman Road?– ( not too far from this place) —- They were ultimately torn down because of the same reasons that exist at this place.

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