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18-year-old man drowns after seeing snake in Montgomery County

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Richard Edward Maxwell III

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, N.C. — An 18-year-old man drowned after seeing a snake Saturday afternoon in Montgomery County, according to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Richard Edward Maxwell III was swimming with friends in Tucker Town Reservoir at Tucker Town Cliff, according to an officer. Officials said the call came in around 4:22 p.m.

The officer said Maxwell was on a log and saw a snake. He panicked and let go of the log, then went underwater, according to authorities.

Officials said it took authorities one and a half to two hours to find his body.

The officer said the area the teens were swimming in is usually restricted because it is privately owned by a company. The rest of the lake is open.

Neighbors told WSOC-TV that Maxwell had just graduated from Mallard Creek High School.


  • Just Saying

    This young man is someone’s family, have some respect. Educate yourself with some manners!

    • Momto6blessings

      I agree! Prays going out for this family! We have an 18 year old son and cannot imagine what they are going through. Such a tragedy!!

    • Iama Retiree

      The only hayseed I see here if you by signing on using your facebook account – By clicking your name on here, it pulls up your facebook acct – You need to get rid of that where you log on to this website …….. The website section really needs nothing in that field !

  • Cynthia Clark

    I’m very sorry to hear that. Didn’t he know how to swim? That is truly heartbreaking.

      • Marie Wilson

        FaithC ……i hope you never have something bad happen to someone you care about. On the other hand I hope someone drops a house on you, you cold hearted rube.

      • Taylor Christie

        Thank you very much for speaking against their ignorance! Richard was a great person was loved by so many!

  • Taylor Christie

    If i were to ever see you, I would make you regret uttering such heartless and inconsiderate words!

  • Georgette

    My 93 year old mother was at the graduation last week. For all of you on this page cussing and blaming, I need you to know that GOD is in charge. GOD saw fit to leave wisdom here for as long as He wants and take a baby. Realize that this is not about anything other then GOD choosing to take Richard that day. The circumstances are heart breaking but Maxwell is in HEAVEN. My grandson was friends with Maxwell. Blessing To The Maxwell Family!

  • Kim Zuley

    How dare you to say that about my baby richard! He was actually really smart, however, he didn’t know how to swim…
    I love him so much deeply.There’s not going to be name calling on my baby. I will forever miss you, ray. I just wish I couldof been there, so I could’ve saved you
    I will love you forever, and remember how u use to scream “kimmyyy!” … you were so special, & sweet
    It would of been hard for someone not to love you haha.
    Your never forgotten puma. <3Hugs until the next time we see eachother

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